12 Minute Affiliate System Review

Is 12 Minute Affiliate System right for you? The fact that you are reading this review means that you wish to understands its pros and cons before taking the jump.

There is little doubt that the most popular money-making system on the internet is affiliate marketing. This is when you sell products from existing companies and earn a commission. Although the concept of affiliate marketing is simple and the opportunities are vast, it is still not the easiest way to make money. It requires some internet savvy along with marketing insight to make your affiliate marketing efforts really work.

This is where the 12 Minute Affiliate System comes into play. It is designed to help beginners and those who have tried to make affiliate marketing work for them.

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

This product can best be described as a “affiliate in a box” system, the extent of which will depend on the membership level that you purchase. The system is designed to be complete, so that you can create leads, promote products or services, and sell them to make money.

The reason why it’s called the 12 Minute Affiliate System is that the advertising claims it takes just 12 minutes to set up and start earning commissions. As with any program, you may earn your first commission within the first 12 minutes or not, but that does not detract from what is an otherwise proven system.

Created by Devon Brown, the 12 Minute Affiliate System is one of several products that he has created which include the Webcopycat among others. He has earned a reputation for creating helpful products for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and those who simply want to create a second income on the web. The 12 Minute Affiliate System is the latest in the line of such products. But does it live up to the hype?


The 12 Minute Affiliate comes with two different plans which carry a monthly cost. The first is the basic plan that offers access to all areas of the program and your choice of one of three affiliate funnels. However, you are limited to just one funnel. The advanced program is more expensive and offers access to all three funnels.

  • Basic: $47 per month
  • Advanced: $97 per month

It should be noted that there is a $9.95 trial plan that lets you have access for two weeks. This offers you a great way to get to know the system and back out if you do not find it to your liking while only being out $9.95.

When you order the system and get set up, you will gain access to three sales funnels for affiliates which are as follows;

  • Making Money
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal Development

It’s not difficult to understand why these sales funnels exist as they are three of the most popular topics for affiliate marketing. Everyone wants to make more money, get into better shape, and become a better person. Which one you choose is up to you, but once you have decided you will then select from the following affiliate networks;

  • Clickbank
  • Warrior Plus

If you select Clickbank, you are pretty much ready to go with at least 13 affiliate product that you can promote on your site. The inclusion of JVZOO and Warrior Plus helps to expand your reach with products that are proven sellers. You will receive your sales funnels which can be changed to reflect your business model.

You can now purchase targeted traffic, which brings people to your sales funnel. Depending on the area that you have chosen, you may find that you are paying a considerable amount for every “click” or person that uses the link to find you. Setting up a home business is the least expensive while health and fitness are the most expensive.

Pros & Cons

There are a number of reasons why 12 Minute Affiliate is a program to consider, especially if you have not delved into affiliate marketing before.

Easy Set Up: You will need to sign up with Clickbank and Aweber, but even that is pretty simple. The easy set up is intuitive, so you get into the program right away, learn what you need to do, and then take action based on the information that is provided. This step-by-step approach combined with the training and support make getting started easy even for beginners.

Proven Methods: While the program itself is innovative in how it helps people get started in affiliate marketing quickly, it is based on solid, proven methods that have worked since affiliate marketing took off over a dozen years ago. The incorporation of Clickbank alone offers a proven program that has helped many thousands of people just like you.

Personalize Affiliate Funnels: This is a crucial advantage because many other similar programs do not let you change the affiliate funnels to any great degree. The key to standing out from the crowd is looking different, so being able to change the appearance of the sales funnel is arguably the most important advantage if you want your marketing to stand out.

$9.95 Trial: Having access for two weeks at just $9.95 is an excellent way to find out for yourself if the 12 Minute Affiliate is right for you. While not a full month, the two weeks is long enough for you to set up a funnel and see if you can earn money within that period.

Training: There are a number of training aids, methods, and guides to help you understand the basics of affiliate marketing in your niche. This is a good starting point for anyone who wants to know just how things work. While not as extensive as some similar programs, it’s still pretty good for those just starting out.

As for the cons, the first starts with the name of the product itself. While you certainly can set up the system in as little as 12 minutes, earning a sale is something else. Although it is theoretically possible and perhaps there has been someone who succeeded in earning a commission just 12 minutes after receiving this program, it is safe to say that your chances of duplicating that feat are remote at best.

Another con is that you are limited to just three affiliate networks to do your selling. Still, Clickbank is one of the more popular affiliate marketing sites, so this is not much of a deficit.


There is no doubt that the 12 Minute Affiliate offers some powerful advantages in terms of getting set up and started quickly. Plus, the three main sales funnels are based on popular niches, so with some effort you should be able to make some headway quickly.

For the newcomer, 12 Minute Affiliate offers a good starting place. It teaches you the basics and the system itself provides you with proven affiliate programs such as Clickbank. While earning a commission 12 minutes after getting the program may not happen, you will be on your way towards creating a second income or at least earning money on the side.

If you have experimented with affiliate marketing and are looking to expand your efforts, then this program may be for you. While the training material is probably familiar, by applying other methods you may be able to get a larger return. At the very least, the program itself is built on a solid foundation.

If you do find this system interesting, it is highly recommended that you start with the $9.95 two-week trial to see if this program is right for you. At the very least, you will know that it isn’t for you without breaking the bank.