What WordPress Theme Is Best for Affiliate Marketing?

Choosing the best theme for an affiliate marketing website is not an easy task. A majority of the themes available on WordPress are ideal for either business websites or designed to serve the needs of bloggers. And because affiliate marketers have different needs, choosing a viable theme for them is even more difficult. Hence, the first question which arises in almost every marketer’s mind is “what WordPress theme is best for affiliate marketers?”

In order to answer this question, we’ve prepared the below-mentioned guide incorporating top five WordPress themes which you can use for any affiliate marketing website. After reading this guide, you’ll be in a comfortable position to answer the most famous question amongst marketers: what WordPress theme is best for affiliate marketers?

But first, let’s take a look at how to build a website on this particular platform.

How to Design a Website with WordPress?

For people looking to build a website for the very first time, there are no other better platforms than WordPress. Apart from a wide range of affiliate marketers, this site-hosting platform is preferred by bloggers, professionals, and business owners around the world.

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In order to design a website with WordPress, the first thing you need is a hosting account. You’re also going to need a unique domain name. For both these features, you can contact different hosting companies around the globe, including Bluehost. Some of these companies offer free domain.

After setting up the hosting account, install the site. It might look difficult at the start, but once you follow the steps which are stated in WordPress, you can do it in a very short period of time.

Once you’ve installed the WordPress site, it’s time to select a suitable theme for your project.

What WordPress Theme Is Best for Affiliate Marketing – Top Five Picks

Here are top five themes you can consider for your affiliate marketing website. Some of them are totally free while others might require a paid subscription. Depending on your project and the budget which you can afford to spend, you can select any one of these WordPress themes.


One of the most popular themes with affiliate marketers, the GeoDeo is designed specifically as per the needs of digital entrepreneurs. It comes with all the plugins, which are necessary for an affiliate marketing website, including MyCred and WooCommerce.

With the help of GeoDeo, you can create a website in a number of different languages. For the convenience of affiliate marketers, it comes with an easy setup as you can install it even without prior experience. Finally, you can make all the changes in the theme’s design with an easy-to-use options panel.


If you’re looking for a free WordPress theme, Hestia can be your first choice. It comes with different features which an affiliate marketer might look for in an ideal WordPress theme. It is very easy to install, and when it comes preloaded with a communication plugin, it can add all the relevant sections to your webpage without any hindrance.

Another thing which makes Hestia so special is the fact that even though it comes free of charge, it is still compatible with WooCommerce. So if you want to make the most of your budget, Hestia can be a decent try.

Games Zone

As evident from its name, Games Zone is ideal for all those affiliate marketers who are going to review gaming products on their websites. If you’re planning to build a website based on gaming niche, this can be your ideal WordPress theme.

The Games Zone theme comes preloaded with a separate review section. You can utilize this section for creating reviews of different video games. In addition, the manufacturer has designed this theme in such a way that you can place ads in different positions all across the webpage.

Also included in this WordPress theme are custom sidebars, custom widgets along with a wide range of shortcodes. So even if you are not a programmer yourself, you can still use this theme for giving a new look to your affiliate marketing website.


The Engine theme is mostly preferred by affiliate marketers who own an affiliate marketing website based on gadget niche. This is basically a magazine-styled theme which comes with a built-in homepage layout.

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This WordPress theme is extremely customizable. Apart from using the existing designs, you can create one of your own without having to deal with different types of codes. All of this is made possible by a drag and drop editor, which you can access from the options panel.

Another feature which is quite impressive about this theme is that it comes with an intuitive mini sites feature. You can use it for promoting different products on your website, apart from the original articles.

It is a Wrap

If the affiliate marketing site, which you’re going to set up, includes a lot of videos, take a look at this particular theme. Featuring a magazine themed format, it comes with no less than three different layouts for your homepage. Also included in this theme is a popup feature which comes handy for playing videos automatically.

Furthermore, this WordPress theme lets you interact with your readers through two different options. First of all, there is “submit your video” option which allows visitors to send you latest videos. Then the other one is the contact form where your readers can send new ideas or share valuable tips. So if you’re looking for a real-time customer feedback, this theme makes it easier for you.


Now, what WordPress theme is best for affiliate marketers? If you want to make money from home, you can use this platform to promote products or services. Every time a customer purchases something through your platform, you’ll get a fixed proportion of the total amount. But in order to so, you first have to make sure that your website looks presentable to the potential customers.

If you want to boost the conversion rate, it is important to select a WordPress theme based on your business goals and needs.