WAHMs – Work at Home Moms: The Best Way to Be One

Joining ranks with the many WAHMs – work at home moms out there is a great decision for you and your family—only if you can execute it correctly. Too often, mothers make mistakes like overworking and not tending to their sleep hours and personal life properly. Becoming a WAHM takes dedication and patience, but isn’t half as difficult as you’ve been led to believe. Doing it correctly can make being a WAHM the best part of your life.

If you’ve heard of a working mother who’s not having a great time, it’s not the lifestyle that’s the problem. That certain individual simply isn’t utilizing her time and resources optimally. There are plenty of steps you can take to ensure that your time as a working mom is exactly what you’ve hoped for it to be; that is, to have an ample amount of time for your family, household work, and leisure at the end of the day.

We’ll talk about some necessary aspects which you can integrate into your daily routine to have the smoothest time possible as a WAHM.

Choosing the Right Job: WAHMs – Work at Home Moms

The job you go for depends heavily on your background, past experiences and personal taste. However, there are a few points you need to keep in mind before jumping to the first job that you’re offered. It’s imperative that you ensure that the job you’re going for has the following qualities:

  1. It offers a fair amount of money. Although it seems like the first job you get an interview for is the best option, it’s better to wait for a job that pays good money for your services. The only exception for undertaking a job which doesn’t pay adequately is when you’re looking for beginner experience in a particular line of work.
  2. The schedule is flexible. This is more important than you might realize. Being at home throughout the day equates to arbitrary problems and tantrums by your children, not to mention all sorts of family-related matters such as unexpected guests and visits to the nearby park.
  3. It doesn’t exhaust you. Your job isn’t the only work that you’ll have on your plate. You’ve got a life to live, so a job which makes you too tired to pay attention to the rest of your day simply isn’t worth it, even if the pay is great.

Striking a Balance Between Your Work and Personal Life

While you’re at home, your kids are going to demand your attention, perhaps more often than you’d like. Your spouse might not entirely understand what your lifestyle is all about, and you’ll have to make them understand what it is that you’re going through.

You’re at home, but that doesn’t mean your time is limitless and your strength and patience are aplenty. There’s a serious need for you to optimize your schedule so you can live stress-free and become a positive influence on other people in your life.

Talk to Your Spouse

Get your spouse on the same page as you are. Of all people, they’re the one who you need to realize that you’ll be tired after your work. Tell them about how WAHMs – work at home moms spread thin to manage their routine.

You’ll need their assistance in managing family matters, so it’s best to sit them down and talk about how you might want to split your daily chores between the both of you. This will negate any potential misunderstandings between you and your spouse and will help you avoid stressful situations.

Set a Separate Space for Work

Try and maximize your efficiency while you’re working. Having a separate room dedicated as your workspace where you can be free from distractions might be for the best. The worst thing you can do is to converge your personal and work life while you’re at home.

Let your family members know that you’ll be working there, and have them knock before they enter. Keep away from the television and cut down on any other forms of entertainment. Make your workspace as close to an office as you can.

Avoid Electronic Means of Entertainment

You’ll be on your laptop or desktop for a good part of the day due to your job. It’s best to stay away from YouTube and television series after you’re free because that’d mean sitting around even more. Not only is that detrimental to your health, but you won’t have any time left for other stuff. It’s much more preferable if you share your spare time with your friends and family.

Additionally, plan outings with your friends, and keep an eye on what your children are up to. Don’t let your spouse feel left out because your marriage is a lot more important than your job.

Join a WAHMs – Work at Home Moms’ Community

If you can find a local community of WAHMS – work at home moms, it’s great if you can join it. If there aren’t any around you, an alternative is to join an online forum of WAHMs. Socializing with people living with a similar lifestyle can prove to be invaluable as you’ll learn all about the various problems that WAHMs face, and how they overcome these problems. It’s also a great way to make friends, and to bring more creativity to your life.


At the end of the day, the important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing. Your aim should always be to prioritize your family over your work because that’s what matters most in the end. Remember never to exert yourself more than you have to, and ensure that you’re getting an ample amount of sleep daily.

Aim to spend at least two hours or so with your loved ones, and even more if you can manage it. If things don’t go perfectly right away, don’t worry too much. You’ll notice your life fall into place by itself once you’ve gotten the hang of being a WAHM.