“Wealth is not a material gain, but a state of mind”

At Wealth Creation Academy we help people build multiple streams of passive income through real estate investing, internet and network marketing, digital publishing and becoming a sophisticated investor.

Why multiple streams of passive income? There are two operative word ‘multiple streams’ and ‘passive income’. Let us examine them both.In this fast changing world of compressed life cycle of products and services the concept of job security has vanished. This is also true if you are self employed or in business. If you rely on one source of income it can vanish at any time as technology makes old skills and businesses redundant.

If you have only one source of income then it is like standing on one leg and you are extremely unstable and vulnerable. You will be financial stable if you have multiple sources of income. If one income source dries up then it will not matter because you will have other sources of income to support you and your family.

One of the fundamentals of wealth creation is that all income streams are not equal. Most people trade work for money. They get paid only once for the work they do. This is called linear income.

Passive income is created when you work hard once and it unleashes an income stream that pays for years and provides financial security to our loved ones when we are gone.  So each night when you go to sleep ask yourself a question ‘How many hours have I worked today in creating passive income as against linear income’. The trick is to reduce linear income hours and graduate slowly toward working full time in creating passive income.

Around a decade back I took a decision that I will not work a single hour on linear income and only work towards creating passive income. It is the best decision I ever made in my life. I and my wife are fully retired and enjoy fruits of multiple streams of passive income we have created. These include income from real estate, digital publishing, internet marketing, affiliate and network marketing.

We are common folks from disadvantaged families. You can read our story on the About  page. If we can do it then anyone can do it……. that is if you take the trouble to educate yourself and take action.

Fundamentals to Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Income:

  • Creating passive income is hard work initially. It will not happen overnight. However, the effort will give you financial freedom and lifestyle that people dream about.
  • Don’t get fired up and start attempting to create multiple streams of passive income all at once. You will get overwhelmed.  Start one passive income stream at a time. Master and stabilize that stream of income before attempting to create a second stream of income.
  • Building online business to create passive income using automated systems and tools is the fastest method of creating passive income with minimal start-up costs. Real Estate is by far the most solid but needs much higher capital outlay and time.

Steps to Creating Multiple Streams of Income


The first step to success whether you are involved in offline or online business is to brand yourself so that you are perceived as a leader in your field. This will help in generating leads for your business and people gravitating towards you. This will grow your business exponentially.

The fundamental to branding is to have a website with a blog that promotes you and your business. It is important to find the right niche and set up your website correctly that needs keyword and traffic research tools, website hosting, content writing that provides value and builds relationship, building backlinks, pre-sales and finally monetization. Buying these individually can be expensive for someone starting out.

Good news is that Wealthy Affiliate and Site Build It provide all the above resources at a very nominal cost. These two are the leaders and provide world class service that have proven their worth over years and have helped hundreds of new startups succeed beyond their belief on the internet. Their training and support is phenomenal and will make you succeed.  I have used both of them successfully to build my online business.

There are many free services in the market that offer free blogging platform. Stay away from these free platforms to build your business. Firstly you will not be in full control and changes brought by the controlling platform can destroy your business and income.

Email Marketing

Contrary to what you may have been told email marketing works and is the key to your business success. Buying leads and spamming is a BIG NO NO. You have to learn how to generate leads and build meaningful relationship with them by providing value so that they never opt out of your mailing list.

For successful email marketing you will need to develop lead capture pages and use automation software such as an auto-responder that will deliver emails on auto-pilot once set up correctly.

The best lead capture systems in the market are Leadpages and MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP). Leadpages is suitable for any business on the other hand MyLeadSystemPro is more suited to capture leads for internet marketers.

The two leaders in automation software for delivering emails are Getresponse and Aweber. There is very little to choose between them. They integrate seamlessly with Leadpages and  MLSP.

Affiliate Marketing

Before attempting to build your own product it is important to learn internet marketing. You may build an outstanding product but if you do not know how to market your product then your business will fail.

To avoid this pitfall start with affiliate marketing first. There are millions of product developers who are willing to pay heathy commissions if you sell their products. My recommendation is to sell products that give re-occurring commissions using the internet. You make a sale once and get paid repeatedly very month or annually. This is the secret to creating long term passive income.

Investing in Shares/ Bonds/ Commodities/Art Work

Anything that does not give you healthy cash flow without effort cannot be termed as passive income.


Investing in gold, silver, oil, crypto currency and art work is pure speculation because there is no cash flow from these products and you are banking on future capital gain that may or not happen as per the forecast. If you are focussing on developing passive cash flow then stay away from them.


Investing in shares and bonds has some merit but these require constant monitoring. Buying and selling at the right time is crucial to generate decent cash flow. Personally I don’t fancy sitting on the computer whole day. This by no stretch of imagination is passive income.

Investing for long term holding in shares and bonds is a good strategy if the shares pay healthy dividends. Unfortunately shares are so hugely overvalued currently that even Warren Buffet who is perhaps the most outstanding investor of all times is sitting with billions of dollars in hand not knowing where to invest for decent returns from dividends.

However, if you have limited funds then you must start investing in shares but please take time to gain knowledge before investing. Incase you have limited time then start investing through mutual funds. Buy mutual funds through SIP (Syatematic Investment Plan) preferably start with Index funds.

You have start investing as soon as possible to to make the power compounding work in your favour.


Currently interest rates so low that investing in bank deposits or bonds make no financial sense for generating passive income.

Where to Invest Money for Generating Passive Income?

This is a good question to ask if you have limited funds to invest. If you have money for deposit then buy an investment property.

For investing money into shares we recommend Copy Trader. You simply copy trades of successful traders and make healthy returns. Some of these traders are generating returns from 10% to 40% annually.

You have to simply find a trader who has great track record over past 2 to 3 years with a low risk profile and start copying his trades. You can divide your money amongst several traders some of them may be trading in shares, others in forex or crypto currency. Remember copy only low risk traders. Do not get carried away by returns. Your first task as an investor is to protect your investment capital.

One of the world class platforms is Etoro. I have been using them successfully for several years. I simply login in once a month to check how my traders are performing and re-allocate my money, change traders whom I am copying if their performance is not satisfactory and find new successful traders to copy. Rest of the time your money is trading on auto-pilot generating great passive income.

Real Estate

Real Estate without doubt is the best passive income generator. You must first understand ‘Why of Real Estate’ before embarking on the methodology of real estate investing.

Real estate investing requires much higher knowledge, capital outlay and time to generate passive cash flow. ‘Flipping Real Estate’ can be a good strategy for generating short term cash flow. It is active income and should not be confused with generating passive cash flow.

Every property investment does not qualify as a passive investment. To be a passive income generator the investment property must generate some cash flow for the investor after paying all the expenses such as council rates, maintenance costs, mortgage payments, body corporate fees etc.

Real estate investing for passive income generation is a numbers game. You have to understand investment terminology and formulas to be a successful investor. There are so many variables that it is difficult to do all the calculations manually. Smart property investors use investment software or calculators to get the numbers right before buying a property.


Please also take time to visit our resourse page where we recommend product and services that we use to build our multiple streams of passive income. There are many services on the internet but we recommend only those that we have thoroughly researched and analysed.  As a matter of honest disclosure we get paid affilaite commission if you purchase any product or service from our link. This will cost you nothing out of pocket because we are paid affiliate commission by the product supplier.

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