Are you missing the Critical Missing Piece of the Puzzle in Network Marketing?

Today I will share with you the critical missing piece of the puzzle in Network Marketing that held me back from being successful on the internet for years. Once I found the critical piece my life changed.

I will give you Keys to the Kingdom that will guarantee your success. It is up to you if you want to enter that Kingdom.

If you are like me then I am sure you started with a DREAM

You tried hard but failed. I can feel your pain because I have been there. You spent your hard earned money and effort:

  • Attending Events
  • Buying Books, CDs, DVDs, Boot Camps and may be private coaching
  • Wasted thousands of hours on the internet trying to find what is working

You feel frustrated because your business is still dead in the water.

Why is it that some people earn thousands of dollars online while others work hard and yet never get off the ground?

What is the critical missing piece of the Success Puzzle?

The key to success is CLARITY OF FOCUS

Most people fail because they don’t have a CLAIRLY DEFINED PURPOSE OR GOAL when engaged in network marketing business.

The reality is if you don’t know where you are going then any road will take you there. Simply put you will get lost.

If you don’t know where you are going you will:

  • Waste Your Time
  • Waste Your Energy
  • Waste Your Money
  • And achieve Nothing

The first step to your success is to Make a DecisionFailure is Not an Option

The next Step is to Define a Specific Goal. Like…

I will make $10,000 per month residual income in 12 months or less in XYZ business

Once you reach a decision it will be very easy for me to Guarantee Results by filling in the “Critical Missing piece of the Puzzle

Once you are clear in your objective then all you need to do is COPY RESULTS of those who have already succeeded.

This will put the odds of success in your favour. Simply “Copy a Proven Successful Model

Wealth creation can be a very boring process. Just RINSE and REPEAT a Success Formula.

Human mind is ingenious it always wants to do new things.  This is fine but not when you are starting out and have little knowledge. 

Just RINSE and REPEAT the success formula and you will be rich.

You have to find leaders and study how they are successful in their business. Then simply copy and follow the system they are following.

Don’t try and invent your system. Just follow their success model.

The first step to success is to Study Multiple Models of Success in your niche.

The next step is to find POINTS of COMMONALITY

If several successful leaders are using the same tools to succeed then obviously there is great value in using those same tools to succeed.

Never ever base your success on one model. It is simply too risky. Study Multiple Models of Success and finds POINTS of COMMONALITY.

You then apply these POINTS of COMMONALITY to your business. By doing so you eliminate risk and increase your chance of success.

What I did in my internet business was to spend time studying what top income producers on the internet were doing in their business. What specific tools and training they were using. I kept laser focussed in finding out the “POINTS OF COMMONALTY

Once I applied the Points of Commonality to my business, traffic to my website increased 20 fold. So did my leads and sales. My income increased 10 fold.

What I also learnt was to create Multiple Profit Centres from the same leads by introducing them to different income opportunities and affiliate tools.

I started building a business and not just an unresponsive downline.

The bottom line is “Model works only if you Follow the Model Exactly”. 

If you Deviate from the Proven Model……You Risk not getting the Same Results.

If you are a newbie to the internet then don’t try and create a model. Just follow the Proven System of Network Marketing.

Once you start making decent money and become more proficient, you can add your own genius to your business.