What Motivates You to Create Wealth will Determine Your Success

What Motivates You to Create Wealth?

What drives you to create wealth is a very important factor that will determine your success. Deeper your motivation, stronger will be your foundation to create wealth.

If your desire to create wealth is motivated by external factors – such as buying a luxury car, going on a holiday, or moving into a larger house – then they are not formidable enough to take you very far. There is nothing wrong with these desires, but they can be satisfied soon enough. Money can buy you things, but not happiness.

Similarly, if acquiring wealth is motivated by greed or fear then it will not bring you happiness. These motivations are non-supportive and therefore, not deep enough to create sustained wealth.

To create long-term wealth, you have to be driven by an inner drive that is hard to satisfy. These may include: search for freedom from a job you do not like, to pursue your passion, your hobbies and sports. One of the great internal motivations can be the pursuit of personal growth including health.

Nobler the Cause Wealthier You will Become

The strongest innate motivation is the desire to help others—elevate them from their sufferings or teach them, using your own example as muse, how to create enlightening wealth. By pursuing a deeper cause, you will not only bring about transformational change within yourself but also the ones around you.

There are always challenges in creating wealth. It is easier to overcome those challenges once you motivation level is deeper than superficial.

Certain actions and changes in your everyday life may act as stimulus to understanding your deeper motivation. Firstly, give more value than you take from others: when you give value to others, you improve your own life. Wealth created by exploiting others never lasts long, and does it provide any internal happiness.

There should be a high level of integrity in your everyday actions. You cannot cheat your way into any meaningful wealth. Your mind is a great powerhouse; keep it pure and creative. Don’t waste your energy in the pursuit of wealth through shortcuts and by causing harm to others.

The deeper and nobler your cause, greater will be your wealth. Such wealth will also provide you with inner happiness and peace. At times the nobler cause is not apparent at the beginning. You may start building wealth for material gains initially but once that need is satisfied you must look for deeper motivation within you. As Jack Ma founder of Alibaba puts it …….. Once you amass wealth more than your personal requirement then it becomes a social responsibility.

Enlightened wealth must be used for your personal growth and of those around you. As you grow so will your inner motivation and drive change.

Inner transformation always precedes wealth creation. If you wish to create lasting wealth then search for a deeper and nobler cause that is hard to satisfy.