Entrepreneur’s Toolkit by Lurn Inside

Lurn Insider is a company that offers the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. It is an educational program for budding entrepreneurs. The educational program is developed by Anik Singal, a successful entrepreneur, and a renowned public speaker.

 Entrepreneur’s Toolkit by Lurn InsiderThe program is Singal’s pet project, where he tries to give back to the world and contribute to the betterment of our society. Through the program, he shares all of the insights he acquired while running his online businesses. It isn’t just a pre-recorded video-based educational course, Singal tries to personally work with his students to impart his knowledge and help them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Aside from the educational program, the money generated from the educational course is all used for philanthropic purposes. According to Singal, all of the revenues generated from the course will be used to fund small businesses in East Africa in order to alleviate extreme poverty.

Singal’s philosophy of philanthropy is not just to hand out consumables, instead help someone get on their feet and help them earn for themselves. He believes that if you feed someone today, that person then relies on more handouts. However, if you help them feed themselves, they can improve their own lot and help others around them as well.

Let’s take a look at the educational program and see if it can help you achieve your own entrepreneurial aspirations.

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Features

The most attractive feature of the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is that it is anything but revolutionary. It is true that the corporate superstars bring a revolutionary product or idea to the market and gain their superstar status. However, millions of other businesses thrive doing whatever works. And, what most small business need is a model that works. That’s all.

The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit provides exactly that, a toolkit for establishing and running a successful online business. It is a system that is proven to work. Think about it for a second. There are hundreds of thousands of online businesses that sell goods or services over the internet and are slowing growing. That tells us that there is obviously a market for such businesses. But how do we tap this market?

The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit tells you exactly how to enter this market and successfully cater to all of the customers who are looking for the greatest possible value they can get for their money. Mr. Singal uses this venture to expound all of the knowledge he has accumulated from his experiences as an entrepreneur.

The educational course will help people who aspire to be entrepreneurs but aren’t really sure how to go about it. After all, the formal education we received teaches us to succeed as employees working in a company. Even the leadership programs develop leadership skills in the context of corporate leadership, i.e., employed in a company.

So how do we learn about starting a business from scratch and slowly growing it by employing good business practices? In fact, what are good business practices? Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is the answer. Unlike, traditional schooling, it doesn’t teach you specific specialized tasks; instead, it teaches you in the context of establishing and running an online business.

Now, this is not to say that traditional education is useless. Education is important. Unless you learn bookkeeping, you can’t manage your company’s finances. Unless you learn about a particular industry, there is no way you can run a business in that specific industry.

The course will teach you everything you need to know in order to establish a business. It will also teach you how to grow your business slowly. Moreover, it will teach you all of the proper digital marketing techniques to get your online business noticed and attracted customers to your business.

But the best part about this particular course is that you get personalized help rather than just watching a video or reading a book or sitting in a lecture. Getting one-on-one help is critical to our understanding of complex tasks and processes. It can significantly minimize the potential to make mistakes and opt for only the best practices in digital marketing and in running an online business.


  • Offers a step-by-step guide approach towards becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Helps understand technical as well as general concepts of online business.
  • An excellent way to master internet marketing.
  • Offers practical experience using digital tools for marketing campaigns.
  • Live Q&A calls for one-on-one learning sessions.


  • It is a 21-day course that requires commitment even after the course is over.
  • Involves a lot of reading the material and is not purely video based.
  • Entrepreneurial Certificate doesn’t have any value in the job market.


The educational course offers an excellent way to learn everything about online businesses. It will take you from the start such as identifying a market to enter to how to build an online presence in order to get regular traffic on the website.

The course offers considerable breadth in terms of the knowledge and information it imparts and requires complete dedication in order to grasp all of the concepts properly. However, after learning everything the course has to offer, it is by far the best way to get started your entrepreneurial path to success.


Let’s take a look at Stacksocial, which offers a number of courses on how to become an entrepreneur. Stacksocial is not exactly a complete course as in the case of Entrepreneur’s Toolkit; instead, it offers various different courses that will help you understand the dynamics of online businesses.

Stacksocial offers 10 courses on topics such as SEO, growth hacking, AdWords, Outsourcing, etc. These courses are more suited towards those who wish to go over all of the courses over a long period of time. The way the course is structured is fundamentally different but offers the same thing, equipping us to become successful entrepreneurs.


If you already are an entrepreneur and would slowly like to learn about how to improve your skills as an entrepreneur, then Stacksocial would definitely seem like a good option. However, if you want a complete course that will cover everything, then Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is the ideal option.

In terms of the educational content, Entrepreneur’s Toolkit is a highly practical course that won’t just give you bookish knowledge but set you up with all of the things you need to know in order to become a successful entrepreneur.