FB Academy Review

Have you ever used Facebook ads in the past? If you’re a website owner, or even if you own a particular business, the most probable answer is a big fat yes. One thing which is common in every business owner is that every single one of them wants to drive loads of traffic towards their web page. For this purpose, a majority of these people turn towards Facebook, the most popular marketing tool in the world.

With over one billion users worldwide, this social media website is considered as a godsend for people who want to grow their business. After registering on this platform, they eventually turn towards Facebook ads which are a popular mean of showcasing your products in front of a large audience.

fb academy review

However, when this is such a popular way of online marketing, not many people have mastered the art of Facebook ads. Even if you know the basics of this mechanism, the competition is so tough which eventually stops you from achieving your target. With a large number of vendors selling their own products, it seems impossible for a newbie to make his or her name in this particular field.

If you want to become an expert in the field of Facebook marketing, take a look at the FB Academy Webinar. Founded by a popular entrepreneur Anik Singal, this webinar is ideal for all those people who want to stand out in the field of online marketing. Seems interesting? Have a look at our complete FB Academy review.

FB Academy Review

FB Academy is basically a video training course which lets you generate a valuable amount of traffic towards your webpages via Facebook ads. As compared to other online marketing courses, this one is different in the sense that it is basically a step by step guide on how to convince Facebook users to visit your webpage.

This is a complete package of easy-to-understand templates, video tutorials as well as regular interaction with some of the most famous names in the field of marketing. In this guide, Anik will show the exact ideas which he used in his personal projects. So you just have to replicate these ideas in your Facebook ads, and the rest will be straightforward.

About the Owner

As already mentioned, the FB Academy Webinar is the brainchild of Anik Singal. With over 15 years of experience, Mr. Singal enjoys an unparalleled popularity in the field of online marketing. Apart from creating this training course, he is also the CEO of Lurn and VSS Mind.

Starting from Entrepreneur.com, his name has been mentioned in several renowned websites across the globe, including ABC and the Huffington Post.

Through this webinar, Anik has decided to share his tips with the aspiring digital publishers. Apart from Anik, you’ll get to hear from some of the most popular names in the industry, people who’ve made their name in social media. So even if you already own a webpage but want to increase traffic, you can still learn a lot of new things via the FB Academy Webinar.

What’s Special about FB Academy?

The most impressive thing about this webinar is that any business owner can learn new things from it. Basically, the FB Academy isn’t designed for a particular business. Whether you’re selling a reciprocating saw or even if you own a coffee shop, everyone can learn from this program before generating a considerable amount of money on a daily basis.

Once you’ve signed up with this training program, you’ll get a special invitation to a private Facebook page. This page is crafted for all those individuals who want to excel in the field of online market. You can share your ideas over there and most importantly, you can learn from the success stories of your fellow digital marketers. Similarly, if you have any queries, you can always ask your fellow professionals or even the experts, and they’ll help you in the right way possible.

How FB Academy Works?

The FB Academy webinar comprises of nine different modules. Each module is carefully designed as per the needs of a digital entrepreneur. It starts from giving you the basic knowledge about Facebook ads, how they work and what makes them so special against their competitors.

Afterward, you’ll get to learn about complex topics and how to make sure that your Facebook ads reach in front of just the right audience. It means that unlike your competitors, you don’t have to spend tons of money on advertising your product.

First Module

This is basically an introduction module about Facebook ads. It tells you why Facebook ads are so special and how to make sure that your ads account stays safe from the online scammers. This module comprises of six different lessons, and at the end of this module, you have to pass the quiz.

Second Module

The second module, which is named as the funnel, consists of a total of seven lessons. In this module, you’ll get to learn about different types of online traffic and how to make use of them in the best possible manner. Just like the first module, you have to pass the quiz at the end of the second module.

Third Module

In this module, you’ll get to know the importance and types of landing pages. Afterward, you’ll have to pass a quiz, or you won’t make it to the next module.

Fourth Module

Yet another important module in this training lesson, the fourth module describes everything which is there to be known about Facebook ads. It basically tells you what types of ads are there on Facebook, how to design them and their relevant formats. In addition, you’ll also get to know how to make a Facebook compliant ad via this module.

Fifth Module

The fifth module is the most comprehensive in this training session; it consists of 11 different lessons. In the previous module, you’ve learned about how to create a unique Facebook ad. This module, it is all about targeting the right sets of customers as per your business.

Sixth Module

Once you’ve set up a Facebook ad and started to promote it to your target audience, the sixth module teaches you how to optimize your ads for achieving a higher return on investment. There are six different lessons in it and you’ll have to pass the quiz at the end of this module.

Seventh Module

This module shares some of the tried and tested funnels along with up-to-date strategies which you can implement in your personal ads. Just like the fourth module, it comprises of 10 different lessons along with a quiz at the end.

Eighth Module

After passing all of the aforementioned modules with flying colors, you’ll be awarded an industry-recognized certificate in the eighth module.

Ninth Module

This module shares some of the valuable tips for a digital marketer. It includes how to set up a Facebook business account and how to use different features on that particular account.


  • Provides in-depth training
  • User-friendly webinar
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • No refund policy


If you want to advertise like a real professional, The FB Academy Webinar comes head to head versus the AdEspresso. Both these platforms offer a budget-friendly training course, and both of them make use of webinars.

However, when it comes to user-friendly training sessions, this is where the FB Academy Webinar outperforms the AdEspresso. When the owner of this program, Anik Singal, has carefully crafted nine separate modules for the convenience of marketers, there is no such thing with AdEspresso. So if you want to learn new things in an easy manner, the FB Academy Webinar can be your first choice.


If you want to make the most of your Facebook ads, it’s time to enroll in the FB Academy Webinar. Set up by a trusted professional, this program describes everything you need to know about online marketing and teach you how to use this social media platform in favor of your personal business.

fb academy review