8 Easy Ways to Develop Millionaire Mindset

There is a saying that if you want to be millionaire then think like a millionaire. Want to be Billionaire? Then get the mindset of a billionaire. Discussed below are 10 easy ways to develop millionaire mindset.

The Butterfly Effect

To bring about internal change in our attitude, we have to understand the butterfly effect. The phrase refers to the idea that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately cause a tornado to appear (or prevent a tornado from appearing.)

The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. This implies that a small change in the initial condition may produce large variations in the long-term behavior of the system.

We do not have to do anything spectacular to help change our script to an ‘enlightened millionaire’s mindset,’ but we can make small changes to alter the initial condition that can change the long term trajectory of our lives. In the succeeding paragraphs we will discuss some suggestions that can trigger a butterfly effect. You may apply some or all of them to change the outcome of your life.

Millionaire Mindset Step 1 – Control the Inputs to Your Mind

To change the script of our life, we have to understand how the script is written in the mind. The script in the mind is written through thoughts, words, feelings and actions. Each one of them is very important as they leave indelible impressions on the mind. If we can learn to control our thoughts, words, feelings and actions in the present, then we have the power to change our future.

Millionaire Mindset Step 2 – Power of Thoughts and Words

Thoughts are subtle but important because they are the starting point of the process. But once they become words, they have tremendous impact on both our internal and external reality. If you don’t believe me, just call someone a bastard and your teeth will come out. Similarly, words of love and kindness will evoke a totally different – but positive – response.

Words, both written and oral, have tremendous power. They leave a deep impression on the mind. We are responsible for our thoughts and words and have to learn to control them. To have the millionaire’s mindset, we have to snap out of any negative thought or action.

We have to read or listen to the words of successful and enlightened wealth creators. We have to place ourselves in their company and associate with them so that their words may influence us and change our script.

To illustrate this point: write down the names of five people with whom you spend your maximum time. Now, study their profile. Are they rich… entrepreneurs? Are they wealth creators? Or are they limited in their vision of job security? If you hang around with poor, negative and unsuccessful people then that is what the future beholds for you. You are writing the script of poverty.

To write the script of an enlightened wealth creator, you have to seek the right company to influence your mind. You have to change your reading habits and listen to lectures and tapes of highly successful people. You have to learn to speak the language of the rich.

Your script change will gain added momentum when words of success and positivity start flowing from your pen and mouth. The words you think, write and speak have greater impact on your mind than the words you receive from others.

Initially, the control of thoughts and words will look artificial and irksome. It may not come naturally but it can be done. It has to be a conscious effort. You have to start by watching our thoughts and words, and speak with good purpose only.

Through a change in your reading habits and allowing your mind to be influenced by the right associations, you can accelerate the process and completely change your script to that of an enlightened millionaire. It is a small change in the initial condition that is required to create the ‘Butterfly Effect’. And once the effect takes place, it becomes a part of your inner nature.

Millionaire Mindset Step 3 – There can be no Change without Action

Thoughts and words have to manifest into action lest there will be no change. Moreover, action and events in the external world leave a far greater impact on your mind than thoughts and words.

Thoughts are the starting point. They are subtle but create the least impact. Once they manifest into words, they create a much greater impact on the mind. And once words manifest into action, they have the most powerful impact on our minds and the outer world.

To understand this point, let us take the example of an inventor; he thinks of a new invention or product. It is just a concept in his mind. He does not wish to pursue the idea further. It dies a natural death. If he decides to writes a paper on the subject and speak at a few seminars, it not only clarifies his thought process but also starts influencing the minds of others. Now if he takes action to create the new product, then it will impact his future in financial terms but will also leave an impact on those who use or associate with the product.

Actions, though a result of thoughts and words, can prove to be a more powerful instrument of change, as they have a greater impact on the script.

A huge number of people, who read the right kind of books, listen to tapes and attend seminars but take no action. They wish to acquire complete knowledge and eliminate risk before embarking on the process of wealth creation. That perfect situation never comes because what future beholds, no one knows—it is always full of uncertainties.

An educated mind can eliminate some eventualities but, “the fog of war will always remain.” All successful commanders know when to act despite being provided with limited information on the enemy. Inaction certainly leads to defeat. The same is true in the world of finance.

If you do not act then you cannot make any money. There is saying: “once you put your money in line, knowledge will come that much faster.” There is no faster way to rewrite the enlightened millionaire’s script than to take action. There is no teacher like experience. Think big but start small. Learn to take a few successful steps before you can start to run.

Knowledge + Action = Wealth

Action is the key. Without action, all your knowledge turns to waste. Be bold and take action. Boldness has genius, power and magic.

Whatever your inspiration or dream—act on it. The most fundamental principle of wealth creation is to take action. No one can ever reach the stage of complete knowledge to overcome fear.

All wealth creators have to learn to manage fear. In every decision you take, there will be an element of uncertainty. There has to be a leap of faith as the information required for decision making is never adequate. Act, you must, in good faith and intelligence! Inaction will keep you tied to poverty.

Once you start taking action, your experience and confidence will increase. There is no better teacher than experience. A few successful steps will change your future. You will rewrite wealth script ten times faster with action.

Millionaire Mindset Step 4 – Feelings make your Words and Actions Stronger

Words when spoken with feelings are a hundred times stronger than those spoken with no heart in them. Have you enjoyed a song that has been sung with passion? It takes a totally new dimension. The same is true for action when it is backed by positive emotion.

When there is joy in action, there is no burden on the task at hand. If the heart is not there, it becomes a tedious job. To rewrite your script your heart has to be in it. Without feelings, there will be no joy or beauty in your script. It will be very difficult to rewire.

Uncovering the power of your emotions will release a tidal wave of change in your life. When there is feeling of love in your words and actions, you will be transformed.

To understand your genius and passion, you have to be still. Through silent introspection, self-reflection and meditation you increase your self-awareness. As your self-awareness increases, you will understand what your heart really wants. Don’t chase the artificial or what the world wants you to be. Be true to yourself and your inner beliefs and success will follow you.

Millionaire Mindset Step 5 – Clarity of Purpose

There has to be clarity of purpose when rewriting your script or it will be unintelligible. If there is no clarity then you yourself will not be able to read your script, let alone understand it.

Firstly, there has to be a decision that resonates with: “I will be an enlightened millionaire.” Then, you have to state your intention and commit it in writing. Writing your statement brings more clarity to your thought process.

Lastly, you have to announce it to the whole world that you are going to be an enlightened millionaire by a particular date—tell your friends, family and the whole world about your intentions. It will put pressure on you; instead it will keep you focused. You have to burn your bridges behind you to succeed. Without commitment, there is no clarity.

Goals are very critical to your success. They have to be clearly defined and practically achievable. To keep yourself balanced, you can record different goals in major areas of your life like health, relationships, intellectual, spiritual and financial goals. You have to write them, read them, see them and talk about them in every waking or dreaming moment of your life. You will then see your goals magically materialize into your life.

To become an enlightened millionaire you have to make a decision, state your intention and set goals. You have to live from your goals and think about them day and night.

Clarity and focus in your script will accelerate your pace of growth like nothing else. Can you imagine writing an article without a topic or a heading? The article will be confusing to the readers – it will be unintelligible. Similarly, without stating your goal and intention, your life script will be full of confusion.

To gain clarity you have to state your goals and put them in writing. You have to view and repeat these goals on a daily basis to stay on track and in focus. It looks simply but you will be surprised to learn that over 99% of the population has no stated goals and as a result, drift along in life. To be successful, you have to state your goals clearly and stay focused.

Millionaire Mindset Step 6 – Be Congruent

There is a difference between a goal and an agenda: you can have a clearly stated goal but your hidden agenda can often sabotage that goal.

Our hidden agenda is normally driven by our ego, deep seated prejudices and value systems. Our hidden agendas are like saboteurs who are out to destroy our most well laid plans. We have to find these little saboteurs and convert them to our side.

To succeed you have to be congruent. You have to align your mind, body and spirit to a single purpose. Ask any top athlete. At the crucial point of winning-losing, they have their mind and body dissolves into one. There is no thought but only singularity of purpose. This singularity of purpose makes them champions.

The greatest loss of energy takes place because of attrition in the mind. When there is conflict of goals with our value system the script gets corrupted. We have to turn deep within ourselves to understand our hidden prejudices and value systems. We have to either bring in change to our inner attitudes or modify our goals to bring them into alignment with our core values. Without this, we will be working at cross purposes that will be deterrent to our success.

By little observation you can find out if there is a conflict within your mind and belief system.

People who complain of lethargy usually suffer from some kind of an inner conflict. One way to resolve such a conflict is through understanding the flow of energy. When everything is in alignment, there will be no noise and friction in the mind. If you are congruent, there will be explosion of energy within your system. Your script will then have clarity and sense of its purpose.

Millionaire Mindset Step 7 – Transformational Change

Here we are not talking about increments in your script – we are talking of how you can achieve a quantum jump that can transform you instantly. It is transformational learning as against informational learning that is predominant in our educational system that defines our script.

Informational learning is passive; teachers talk and students listen. It is about memorization, examinations and grades. Teachers talk about subjects on which they have theoretical knowledge, but lack practical experience—such an education can never be inspirational.

Transformational learning is about self-discovery. The student is given an inspirational stimulus by a mentor who has traveled the path and has discovered the answers to the problems through his experience.

All the knowledge to become a millionaire is already within you. No one can teach you how to become rich. Someone can only inspire you to awaken every cell in your body that will cry out that you were born to be rich and free, and to live a life of abundance. It is your natural state.

Transformation occurs when the right stimulus is given to awaken what is inside us and our script changes instantaneously.

Millionaire Mindset Step 8 – Find Mentors

The shortcut to transformational knowledge is to find a mentor; they are invaluable! They have travelled the path and they have the knowledge. They will stir you in their presence. A word of advice from them will transform you. It will be a life changing experience that no book, DVD or tape can provide.

Where can you find Mentors?

The truth is you cannot find a mentor until you are ready. The day you are ready a mentor will appear. A little preparation is required at your end to receive a mentor.

No one can inspire you until you are ready to be inspired. No one can change you until you desire the change. No one can make you rich until you want to be rich. When this happens, a mentor will appear in your life and take you forward in leaps.

There are mentors all around us but we don’t see them because we are not mentally prepared for them. We associate ourselves with losers, time wasters, frivolous and non-productive people. How can we eject magnetic waves to attract successful people?

To gain some magnetic power, we have to initially force ourselves to the presence of people who emanate powerful doses of the magnetic energy we want. Association is a very powerful thing. If you associate with the right kind of people, you will be subjected to the right kind of energy fields. This will transform you. You will also become a magnet attracting the right kind of people. There is nothing new in it – it is the basic law of attraction.

The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors, that which it loves, and also that which it fears. It reaches the height of its cherished aspirations. It falls to the level of its chastened desires – and circumstances are the means by which the soul receives its own.” As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (1864 – 1912)

A mentor carries a hundred times stronger energy field. He can transform us to a different level instantly. However, we will receive the energy only once we are mentally prepared to accept the energy.

Thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy. A mentor will come to us when we are ready and not a day before that. We have to develop our thoughts (conscious and unconscious,) emotions, beliefs and actions to a certain level in order to attract the positive energy from a mentor.

If you study the lives of wealth creators, you will find they have been mentored not by one but several mentors at different periods of their lives. A mentor will not only fill the gaps in your knowledge but will inspire you to new levels of achievement, which you think is not possible. They will change your thought process and internal script.

Is it expensive to get mentors? Not necessarily. If you are serious and dedicated, you can get mentored for free. All masters take on assistants to do their ‘grunt work,’ so that they can leverage their time. You can volunteer to become their apprentice.

There is a Chinese proverb that goes like: “A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books.” You can invite a mentor to a meal—it works like a charm.