Can We Conquer Fear That Holds Us Back?

Can we totally conquer fear that holds us back from achieving our destiny? The answer is no. Knowledge progressively kills fear that is impediment in our path to become rich. The process to perfect our financial, emotional and spiritual intelligence may take years. Our knowledge and training can reduce fear to a very large extent but cannot totally eliminate it.

There will always be grey areas in our knowledge and fear of the unknown will make us hesitant from taking an action.

Conquer fearAct we must, despite our fears, because without action there is no wealth. Every decision in this world is taken with incomplete knowledge. We may try and cover most ground to reduce risk but complete knowledge of the future events and forestalling results is impossible.

We have to make decisions that affect our financial futures in spite of the fear that shackles our minds. This is where the leap of faith comes in: our spiritual intelligence gives us that faith. Courage means to act in spite of fear.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best in his inaugural speech of 1933: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Fear is a natural emotion, and one which we experience with any endeavor we make, as long as we are alive. However, the choice to overcome that fear is ours to make, and will be the determining factor as to whether we fail or we succeed.

I remember seeing a war film wherein a soldier approaches his officer and confesses: “Sir, I am terribly scared of going into combat.” The officer gives the soldier a knowing look and says so wisely, “They must have forgotten to tell you in training school that courage only comes after you face your fears.”

Where there is success, there will always be the threat of failure. You can’t have a victory when there is no threat of defeat—that’s just reality. If this was not true, there would be no such thing as competitive sports: there would be no Olympics, there would be no Super Bowl, and there would be no Heavyweight Champion titles. Success is about defeating failure.

Knowledge is a big help in eliminating fear. But no one acts out of perfect knowledge. There is an element of uncertainty in every decision we make. It is not necessary to try and get rid of fear; success is about acting in spite of our fear.

Final Thoughts on Fear

Fears, when examined in the light of knowledge, are no longer fears. The impressions of financial fear and loss that are so deeply embedded in our hearts and mind begin to reduce with an increase in our emotional, spiritual and financial intelligence. Once this irrational fear is removed from the heart and the mind, the path for gaining riches is cleared.

It can take years to first erase and then rewrite the script in our subconscious that will set us onto path of wealth creation. Our fears and attitudes come in the way of our knowledge progression because they contaminate our processors.

If we had better attitudes and fewer fears, then our mind’s processor will not be tainted; acquisition of new thoughts and ideas will be that much better. Once we have more knowledge, then we can better understand our attitudes and fears that cause hindrance in our journey of becoming rich.

The endless cycle of filtration and purifying of knowledge continues: we move from less knowledge to more knowledge and break one chain at a time that ties us to poverty. This can take an awfully long time. But act we must because action is always greater than inaction. Action brings energy and knowledge that helps us to overcome fear.