Why and How to Transcend Wealth?

Most enlightened wealth creators understand that wealth flows, and nobody can block its flow. We are mere custodians of money for a short span of time. It invariably passes through our hands to others. No one has been able to take their wealth with them.

We pass it to our loved ones or give it to charity. Some fools try and guard it closely only to leave legacy of legal battles when they die.

how to transcend wealth

Wealth continues to flow whether we like it or not.

What we do with the wealth when we are custodians for a limited period of time is what matters. Wealth is a privilege and a great responsibility. It takes much lesser effort and knowledge to make money than spend it wisely. It needs great wisdom to use the power of wealth correctly.

When used with restraint and wisdom, wealth can help us to become greater than ourselves. Acts of giving and kindness help us to connect with large suffering humanity and in the process, raise our consciousness. 

“Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.”  –Barbara Bush

What benefactors like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are trying to do is transcend wealth itself. They are not consumers of wealth; they lead very modest lifestyles in comparison to their wealth. They understand the transcendental nature of wealth and simply choose to give it away willingly. In the process, they become larger than themselves and will outlive their wealth. Their legacy will continue long after their wealth has vanished. They will live in the hearts of men, women and children whom they have helped.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal” —Albert Pine

Some will ask as to why we should make an effort to create wealth if the end purpose is to give it away. The answer to that question is: the process of wealth creation evolves you as a human being. It normally starts with a selfish motive but in the end, it transforms you into something bigger than your narrow self.

It transforms your family and other human beings who come in your contact. You understand its transitional nature once you possess it – its possession gives you freedom to explore and understand new things, and the chance to help others and in the process, help yourself.

Wealth is never an end in itself: it is a means towards the greater good. Some unfortunate people lose sight of the real purpose of wealth and get consumed by greed. Ultimately, such people get destroyed by their greed. Wealth built on foundation of greed never lasts.

It does not matter how much you give—it is the principle of giving that is important. The very act of sacrifice in order to help others who are in more need than you are is trans-formative. It sets into motion laws of karma that will open the universe of riches to you. Act of giving is a necessity and not a luxury if you want to be truly successful in life.

Enlightened people are those who create wealth the right way, preserve wealth the right way and ultimately, use their wealth for the greater good of humanity. This process leads to seeking of a higher purpose in life and its fulfillment.