How to Harness the Power of Duplication in Network Marketing?

The most important ingredient to success in MLM is to harness the power of duplication in network marketing. No matter what business you are in, or what products you are selling, it is very important to make sure that your team duplicates your success model.

Power of Duplication in Network Marketing is the fundamental principle to build a successful organization that will sustain test of time. Without the help of a successful duplicating system, your effort in building a network will never cease. You will never have a lifestyle business.

Have you ever wondered why a Big Mac and Fries at McDonald always tastes the same no matter where you are in the world? Or why is every McDonald franchise always successful wherever it opens? It is not luck but a series of processes that have been perfected over the years.

McDonalds have a system in place that duplicates their practices, and processes across every country, every restaurant and every employee that they have which makes for consistency.

By duplicating the success model that has worked for them for many years the McDonald Corporation can open a new location and be confident that they will achieve results.

If you apply the same strategy in your internet network marketing business then you and any prospect that joins your organization will be guaranteed success. In order to achieve true duplication the system that you will need must have the following 6 factors.


The most important feature that your system must have is SIMPLICITY. You must have a push button system that is easy to use with minimal training. The system must be user friendly that masses can use without difficulty.

It can be driven by sophisticated technology but must have a user friendly interface so that a totally nontechnical person can operate it with ease and succeed. It must be like a high tech car that is easy to drive.


The duplicating system must have a structure that prospects can follow. It is very important to have a proper set of procedures and a rock solid game plan built into the system. You will have a winner if the plan is an easy to follow step by step road map to success that your prospects can follow without difficulty.

Duplicating Plan

The Duplicating Plan must be comprehensive. It must duplicate the lead capture pages, sales funnel, traffic generation, presentations, follow up and monetization. If you have all these elements in place, then you will arm your members with a system which is built for them to succeed.

Quick to Set Up System

The system must be quick to set up. Most people who join a network marketing company are doing so for the first time. By creating an effective step by step getting started process for new recruits you will find that you will spend less time hand holding and more time enrolling. The system must be technology driven to give you true leverage.

Training System

If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a life time”. People are always learning at all levels in their life and business.

By having a training system with documents, audios, videos and webinars, you will find that you will keep your organization on track, informed and educated.

Training is the key to the success of your organization. Training develops leadership and helps in relationship building. Better the training, faster your business and those of your team members will grow.

A good training system must not only be duplicable but must pass 100% information to the new prospects to succeed. Training cannot be left to chance where there is loss of information in the system.

For example, let’s say that Tom sponsors Peter. Even if Tom is a great teacher and tries to impart training there is loss of information. The amount of loss will depend upon the communication skills of Tom and receptivity level of Peter. Similarly, when Peter tries to teach his prospect Charles the business there is further loss of information.

A duplication system cannot rely on individual training skill levels of their members. Every member of the team must be taught skills directly by an expert.

It is amazing that a majority of network marketing companies still rely on individual skills of their members to impart product and marketing training. This is recipe for disaster.

A technology driven training system based on videos, audios and webinars, can ensure that there is no loss of information within the system.

Search Engines

Duplication is fine but in the world of internet marketing, Google and other search engines do not like replication. Most network marketing companies give you a replicate website with a fancy presentation of their business opportunity.

The problem is Google does not like replicate websites and penalizes these websites. Replicated websites do not come up in the search results and get no free traffic.

Google and Facebook do not even allow paid advertisement using replicated websites. They consider replicate websites poor on user experience and equivalent to spamming with hundreds and thousands of affiliates trying to promote the same website.

Most affiliates find it extremely difficult to drive free or paid traffic to these replicated websites. Remember without traffic there is no business. This is the cause of failure of most internet based MLM businesses.

Blogging Platform

A good replicating website can solve this problem by providing a viral blogging platform for each sales funnel. By blogging your website becomes content driven. It now has a distinct signature that Google and other search engines love. Such a website will get free traffic and leads.

Every post in the website must come fully integrated with social media including Facebook comments and likes. What you get in return is a back link to your website, which increases the ranking of your website, as Google loves social media. Your websites are ranked according to the social media comments your website generates.

If some comments on your articles or clicks on the ‘Like’ button it shows up on their Facebook page for their friends to see and comment. This drives even more traffic to your website, and your article gets even more comments. As a result, your traffic goes viral.

Duplication in network marketing will explode your business if in the marketing system you use the lead capture pages, sales funnel, traffic generation, follow up, sales presentations, monetization and training can be duplicated for your downline.