GetResponse vs MailChimp: Two Marketing Automation Solutions Explained

Marketing has been around for a while, but the beauty in promoting products and services is that it’s a shifting market. Consumers and the way they interact with everything else will directly influence marketing strategies, forcing companies to come up with more exciting ways through which they advertise.

GetResponse vs MailChimp is a topic that’s going to be discussed, along with some of the market practices in general, to establish a baseline for this example.

getresponse vs mailchimp

Ten years ago, telemarketing was starting to become a dying breed, since consumers have gained access to the internet and, implicitly, access to more information. The average consumer is more up-to-speed when it comes to products and services now more than ever.

While that’s true, SEO has taught us that consumers aren’t that patient—with high-ranking sites that provide less than average services outshining non-optimized competent platforms.

Digital marketing and automation, in particular, is a great way for businesses to deliver relevant information directly to the client; eliminating the “middleman”. Furthermore, it’s a great practice for growing a loyal client base and, ultimately, a strong brand name.

Companies like BuzzFeed have been using this strategy for a while, and their success is a testament to the efficiency that digital marketing and automation bring to the table.

Marketing Intelligence and Automation

Marketing automation is a tool used by organizations and departments to reach high numbers of potential clients through multiple platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, email and more.

Specialists research consumer behavior and look for something called the measure of intent—a factor that will determine whether or not the consumer will be interested in the advertised services or products, much like the cookies used by a browser.

This method of approaching people has increased the efficiency of marketing automation by increasing responses, slowly growing into a valid marketing technique. This very same process is used in a lot of different fields, like politics, sales, surveys, studies and more.

The bottom line is to find individuals that will provide a positive response when faced with a piece of information.

Bringing Intelligence and Automation to a Smaller Scale

GetResponse Automation Marketing Solutions

GetResponse is a marketing automation solution provider. It provides different services; all based on digital marketing. Their offers are for different business levels, from beginners to enterprise-level companies.

The following are what they offer:

  • Professionally designed graphics for email templates
  • A highly customizable, simple newsletter and landing page configurator
  • Content optimized for every platform for desktop and mobile
  • Over 500 templates and 1000 free stock images
  • API integration
  • Autoresponder software solutions
  • Analytics or data regarding potential clients or subscribers (only for Pro accounts or higher)

GetResponse’s marketing solution is a pretty complete experience. They offer a highly customizable landing page editing platform. The user has the option to combine 500 different templates with over 1000 stock images; all included in the basic price of the subscription.

Available both on desktop and mobile, the application allows the user to customize both templates on the same device. The editing software is intuitive and straightforward.

The templates are A or B tested, the service recommending one with a higher sign-up rate. It also features cross-platform integration, allowing users to embed YouTube videos on landing pages, adding a PayPal button for great deals and linking Facebook pages.

The solution includes a calendar for automated emails which is very useful for setting up messages that are critical for one’s business and distributing them in the best possible moment. Additionally, automated messages can be used in other cases as well, like when someone subscribes, they can instantly receive a free eBook (if that’s the promotion) or instant access to the latest newsletter.

GetResponse also provides enterprise-level solutions which are great for managing big campaigns and projects. These solutions include dedicated account managing software for achieving the best performance, training materials for using API integration, and suggestions for online marketing strategies. That sums up most of GetResponse’s offer.

MailChimp Automation Marketing Solutions

mailchimpMailChimp features a selection of different subscription plans, all tailored to improve a small and big business’ online presence, brand strength and loyal customer base.

Something interesting to mention is that MailChimp also provides streamline marketing, targeting audiences on Facebook, Google, and Instagram with ads relevant to their browsing patterns. In addition to these services, MailChimp offers:

  • Automation for Online Sellers
  • Lists and reports regarding current and past results
  • Email templates with stock photos
  • Analytics and performance reports
  • API integration and extensive documentation

Streamlining ads into social media is an excellent choice for a digital marketing strategy as the response from the users are most likely to happen in these environments. While email is still widely used as a means of communications, social media platforms have a quicker response time due to their nature.

MailChimp also provides a very comprehensive and easy-to-use mobile app, which is great for monitoring revenues, peak performance, and comparing past performance to current developments.

Such makes choosing between the two solutions quite hard, as they’re both great ways of growing businesses of all sizes. However, they advertise themselves differently. MailChimp is taking a firm stance on ad placements and social media integration, while GetResponse focuses on accurate analytics.

GetResponse vs MailChimp: The Verdict

It’s clear by now that both these services provide stellar digital marketing solutions, backed by learning materials, app integration, platform compatibility and great customer support.

getresponse vs mailchimpWhile such is true, there are some differences between the two which might incline certain users to pick favorites. For instance, GetResponse provides a complete client profile and a clearer marketing path, while MailChimp puts its eggs in the targeted basket. Both of these are valid digital marketing strategies.

Information is a key to growing an online business, and as great as targeted ads are, they would be much more efficient if a clearer path would be established. Hence, GetResponse is slightly superior to its competitor.

Their in-depth A or B algorithms provide the user with invaluable data regarding shopping trends and a likelihood of a successful engagement. They still provide API integration and a generous amount of documentation, giving a lot of versatility to the business’ plans for expansion.