How to Unleash Your Millionaire Mind!

The first step to unleash the millionaire mind is to understand that the Process of wealth creation is 90% psychology and only 10% strategy. Most people fail to become rich because they want to learn the strategy and not focus on changing their psychology.

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How Unleash the Millionaire Mind Within You

To be a winner, you have to have the mindset of a winner. The inner change has to precede the external outcome. We have known this since the time we were kids: a certain set of rules enlisted by our parents, teachers and peers need to be followed. We believed in them because they were given to us in love and in good faith. Some of the rules that were ingrained in us were from people whose mindsets were steeped in poverty. We can’t blame them because one or two generations back, most of our families were poor and struggling to survive.

As the world moves towards greater prosperity, we have to learn the new set of rules that govern the rich. The new rules are easy to learn only if you have an open mind to learn and succeed. We have to rewrite the script, or order a new set of rules that govern our lives.

It is not sufficient to get rid of the old impressions from our minds – it is only the first step. The old script was a baggage that held us back from becoming rich and forbade us from living life to its full potential.

To succeed, we have to re-write the old script to that of the ‘Enlightened Millionaire’ in our minds. This is the inner principle of wealth creation. Once the new script is written, it is a point of no return. You can never be middle-class or poor again even if you lose your entire wealth and have to restart from a scratch.

The millionaire mindset once achieved, is a non-destructive commodity. It stays with you for life. You can lose your millions but you will always bounce back. You are a millionaire because of your mindset.

Unleash the Millionaire Mind from Your Heart

The motivation to re-write the script has to originate from the heart because the mind has its own set of limitations— it is always the heart that rules. Whenever there is a conflict between the heart and the mind, it is always the heart that wins. A transformational change can occur only if it comes from the heart. Incremental increase of knowledge can take place in the mind but transformation of the mind can take place only if the heart is involved.

The heart, as we know it, is our subconscious. How can we involve our subconscious into the wealth creation process? To do that, we have to understand what triggers our heart and soul. We have so many desires buried within our subconscious. We have to simply uncover and trigger one or more of these desires into the wealth creation process.

To involve the heart means to find the predominant motivating triggers and activating them. You cannot live someone else’s dream—you have to find your own.

The secret of wealth creation lies in finding your own triggers that drive your heart and soul. The nobler your trigger, the greater are your chances of success. A higher and better cause gets more people involved and your chances towards success increases exponentially.

A callous desire normally results in conflicting situations with a lesser chance of success. However, there is nothing wrong in following any of your dreams because once a dream is satisfied; there is always a next dream that will trigger you towards greater cause and effect. It is an evolutionary process. It is however, prudent on what you set your heart on and as Emerson rightly pointed out, “it surely will be yours.”

To understand our triggers, we have to apply the S.S.S formula explained by Ron Holland in his book Talk and Grow Rich. According to him, to understand our subconscious we have to follow SILENCE, STILLNESS AND SOLITUDE. The secret to understanding these triggers of our mind lies in meditation – in silence, stillness and solitude or the S.S.S. When you become quiet, it just dawns on you.

Sometimes, an external stimulus is needed to activate the internal process… much like the process of falling in love. It is the beauty of an external person that activates love and desire in our hearts.

Similarly, experience of suffering can ignite compassion in our hearts. At times by putting ourselves in situations and gaining the right stimuli, we can understand the triggers that operate within our subconscious.

You will be able to re-write the ‘enlightened millionaire’ script much faster if you understand your dreams and inner motivation. So take time out to understand these dreams and write them on a piece of paper—it will hasten the process. If you know your objective, then the path to success becomes easier to tread on.

To become wealthy you have to first unleash your millionaire mind from within. If you think like a millionaire you will become a millionaire. Want to be billionaire then start thinking like a billionaire. Acquiring a millionaire mind is the first step to your financial success.