How to Find the Right Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity to Join?

If you are to succeed you have to find the right multi-level marketing opportunity to join.

Internet is the new gold rush with a promise to creating a large amount of wealth within a very short time span. There are many unscrupulous companies that are on the lookout to make you part with your hard earned money.

You are bombarded with emails and offers of new business opportunity every day. It can be very confusing because some of the video presentations are slick and deliver a powerful emotional content. They create scarcity and time deadlines to force you to act without thinking.

You have to be very careful in jumping at the opportunity without understanding the risks. It is important to carry out a dispassionate analysis before joining. It is not only your money that is involved but also your invaluable time and effort. In this video, we shall talk about how to analyze and find the Right Multi-level Marketing Opportunity.

Analyze the Multi-level Marketing Opportunity

The first step, is to analyze the business concept of the company. Find out How does the Business Earn Money? The company can share revenues with you only if they make money. This is the first test the company should pass.

Does the internet company have a registered office? Physical Address is very important. Most internet companies operate without a physical address. They should be registered in a country where there are strong compliance laws. Avoid companies that are registered in a banana republic or a small Pacific island that no one has heard of. If possible you or someone you trust should visit the physical office to check if the company really exists.

Who are the Promoters?

You should know who the Promoters of the company are. The names of the promoters and directors must be public. You should research the background of the promoters to check their business and integrity record. The promoters should not be hiding behind a website but be accessible to affiliates to meet and interact.

Track Record

It is important that the company you join must have a Track Record of successful business operations.  Avoid new startups because the failure rate is simply too high.


The Company you choose must have a Strong Compliance department. Compliance is irksome but essential for survivability of the company. A good criterion is to join companies that are registered in the first world countries. Such businesses will have to operate under strict compliance.

Compensation Plan

The business opportunity you promote must Compensate Handsomely for the work you put in. There are companies that pay you a pittance. You should avoid them. Join companies that pay affiliates in excess of 50% of the company profits. You will struggle with anything less.

Big Ticket Sales

Join companies selling Big Ticket Items. Time and effort for making a $10 commission is the same as making $1000 commission.

Selling higher value items also allows you to increase your marketing budget. It is an excellent strategy to work with companies that have a low value item for sale upfront but have high value items for sale at the back end. This allows a prospect to sign up for a lower value program and upgrade at a later date.

Pay on Time

The Company must have a strong record of Paying on Time. Delayed payments are the first sign of trouble that the company has cash flow problems.


The business opportunity should provide you with Leverage. Internet has become the biggest market place for direct selling. Every company wants to reward you in some way to sell their products.

Before jumping into an opportunity, you must check out How you Get Paid. The compensation plan must not only provide you with cash flow but also residual income.

Cash flow

Cash flow is important to run your day to day business. Leverage, on the other hand, provides you with the opportunity of creating residual income. Residual Income means that you earn income regardless of what you do this week, working or not.


Join a company that provides Innovation. In today’s technology driven world only companies that innovate will survive. There are so many business models that are just copies of others, which don’t offer innovation.

Companies that do not have innovation will not survive for long. Your effort in working with these companies will come to naught. Positioning yourself in an innovation structured business model that allows you to benefit from the upscale and upward growth will greatly enhance your chances of success.

Once you find the right multi-level marketing opportunity to join will greatly improve your chances of success and reduce risk. There are state of the art systems that has been designed to Position you as a Leader in the network marketing niche that will attract the right kind of prospects in your organization.