Business Books Are Great Marketing Tools

Simply Put: Book=Right; Attention=Boost in Sales

Believe it or not, books can be used to attract attention to your business. Business books has unique capabilities to turn conversations into sales overnight.

business books

Entire suits of marketing tools exist today to help you prospect, target, and engage your audiences and prospective clients easily. You can run hundreds of ads using social media to show people in far-flung corners of the world whatever you want. You can accomplish things like never before with marketing, yet by the end of the day, it all boils down to getting the right ATTENTION you need for your business.

As awesome as advances in advertising innovation have been, there is no better multi-purpose tool to attract business and attention than a book. A book is a marketing tool with one of a kind and unique capacities to make discussions you can transform into deals.

If you are well aware of what content marketing and inbound advertising are then with all things taken into consideration, a book in itself is an enhanced and accelerated version of content and inbound marketing.

There are Four Ways How Business Books can get Attention

Writing a Book Showcases your Expertise

You might have heard of people saying that “a book is the new business card.” Well, I say “writing a book is the new college degree”.  Business cards are ordinary; you can go to any office and get business cards, yet you cannot just author any book by going to an office.

Around forty years ago, it used to be that “writing a book is the new college degree” when about only 10 percent of the population had college degrees. A college degree proves to be a noteworthy flag of credibility and expertise if you had one. With that number rising toward 50 percent (46 percent of the US populace having associate’s degree or higher), a college degree no longer provides a similar unique expertise as compared to year before.

This is where writing a book comes in. Writing a book showcases a well-founded and unique display of credibility and expertise nowadays.

Writing a book proves a ton about you:

  • First, it proves your authority on the topic; it just goes to show that you know what you are talking about. If you know more than enough about a topic to be able to write an entire book about it, then you are an expert on this subject.
  • Second, it shows that you can get things done. You are one among the few to write and finish a book as compared to others who aspired to write their own book and started to write initial 10 pages of it and saved it somewhere in their computers. Even they do not know when they will finish it.
  • Third, it proves you are not afraid of welcoming judgement from the world. People are reluctant to compose a book since they are afraid of being judged or criticized and being unafraid of judgment and criticisms not only displays courage but also your authority.

Now remember that content is everything to make a good book. People will not think of any of those above mentioned things if you write a terrible one.

You cannot simply spew gibberish or write trash, call it a book, and benefit from it. You need to compose a good book to build your credibility and authority, since individuals will read your book, and judge you based on its content. The only way of getting good judgement and feedbacks from your readers is by writing a quality book. No writer would hope for a poor and awful judgment and feedback from their readers.

Writing a Book, You are Turning the Spotlight to Yourself

Media outlets turn to experts when they need comments or remarks. And how do you determine if someone is an expert? Knowing that someone wrote a book makes him/her an expert in a subject matter. Again, writing a book becomes a certain indicator of one’s authority and credibility in a given topic.

If you need exposure in your field or a much-awaited media coverage? Attention from the media is much easier to get if you write a book that stakes you out as an expert. The media would wish to talk to experts, and judge expertise based on the author of a book on a certain subject.

This is how some people made millions off their book while selling fewer than a 1, 000 copies. You only need to prove that you are an expert in a certain field. You do not have to target a broad audience for this. You may choose to target an extremely niche market and still profit big from it. Who knows, you might be able to establish your name as an expert by choosing to target a niche and new market. By pioneering such, you can showcase your expertise on the subject backed by your knowledge and experience on the matter.

Writing a Book, it Becomes One of the Best Inbound Marketing Strategies

Amazon is one of the top search engines next to Google and Youtube. What’s amazing is that it even ranks higher than LinkedIn, which is the number on professional search engine.

The number one place to discover books helpful for your business is through Amazon. Having a great book cover, setting up your metadata, getting reviews before you start selling your books, understanding how the ranking works, planning your market, and responding to inquiries, helps you figure out how to market your books.

Now, much like the media, people would ask “Who wrote the book?”, the same question asked when looking for experts.  Having an awesome book tells people who you are precisely, what you are capable of, and how you can be of help to them. It can also serve as a platform to bring people to you. Writing a book is a powerful marketing tool you can use to draw clients and build your brand. In addition, people go to Amazon to look for books on subjects that might be helpful to their business. Amazon offers an array of books on different subject matters, and your book needs to be listed there in order to get in front of audience.  The odds of people finding nothing related to what they need is close to none. One way or another, people will find your book. But there are most likely hundreds of other books containing and offering similar things. However, if you have a great book, people would be enticed to read and use it. You will have to convince people that your book is the one they are looking for.

Writing a Book You Create a Buzz

Word of mouth marketing is incredibly important, it is a free form of advertising or promotion.  When someone you trust tells you to try something, there is a 101 percent chance you are likely to heed their advice. Just like when your friends tell you about their great experience at a restaurant and later on starts tweeting about it. You would most likely be encouraged by them to go dine at the same restaurant to experience the same. The best ever marketing tool is when other people starts to talk about you and your business, and writing a book creates a buzz better than almost anything else.

The reason behind is because a book gives you a chance to put your story into peoples’ mouths. When they talk about you, people start saying what you need them to say. People will rehash and repeat terms, expressions, and thoughts you have used when discussing your book with other people, especially when you publish a good book.

Imagine someone Tweeting about your book, or book enthusiasts creating a group or page on Facebook to discuss about your work, or just imagine someone at a cocktail party who has read your book and telling others about it. Just imagine how they will talk about your book and what you want them to say to each other. This idea will help you position and frame your book.

When you can picture that discussion naturally occurring between two individuals, you can nearly build the story of your book from that discussion. Writing a book which proves valuable to a group will give them a need and urge to discuss your book to others who shares the same problems, issues, and queries because this gives them the authority to do so. That is reason why word of mouth is incredibly important, because it can bring about a number of audience.

Furthermore, once somebody has heard out about you and your book, he or she gets compelled to purchase your book. He or she will also visit your website (if you have one), do his or her research on you, and try to connect with your business. Books bring you audience, clients, and profit. It is content marketing on at its best.