How to Build Backlinks & Get FREE Traffic from Yahoo Answers

Objective: To be able to learn how to build backlinks and how to get free traffic from Yahoo Answers.
What to Accomplish: At the end of this article, you will have a better understanding on the usage of Yahoo Answers and if you want to test it out.

To Start: Proceed on this site and prepare writing materials or open text file to take down notes.


Yahoo! Answers became one of the most increasingly popular website like other Q & A websites in search for answers to a variety of questions in every niche. Whether you are specializing in online marketing, dating, health or other topics…there will always be questions that need to be answered.

For the record, Google LOVES this site and they are indeed ranked HIGH in Google’s result. If you answered a LOT of questions on Yahoo Answers, there is a big chance that you could generate enough free traffic to your opt-in page and build backlinks to your website.

The best part is that this free traffic will keep coming for YEARS

But the real question is, how you will do this. I will give a quick tutorial. First thing is to make sure that you know how to navigate the website. It is very simple, but there are two main things to look at.

Here is the general search bar:

Generate Money Online

And this will be the side bar:

Multiple Streams Of Income Online

Either of the two can be used in searching for relevant questions listed in your niche.

There are a few things that set Yahoo Answers apart, it will give people the opportunity to choose or to vote for the best answer possible for the question.

Take this as an example…

Someone will ask “How do I start a business?” and there will be five people to answer. The person who has the most votes gets to be awarded Best Answer – and they will be placed on the top of the list, right under the question.

So, what does this mean for you?

1. Give the BEST Answer as far as possible

For you to be voted to the top, you must provide QUALITY content. As it is important for Yahoo Answers. That is because if your answer is not the best one, it may get lost within the shuffle.
So, don’t just answer, answer the question!
Remember to cite some examples, elaborate things out and position yourself as a top expert.

2. Answer a LOT of Questions

The more questions you answer, the better chance to be selected as the “Best Answer.” That will ultimately give you more visibility. Make sure to do thorough research related to your topic, it can be both directly and indirectly. If your list is all about business marketing or a successful internet marketer, search for business and marketing questions, such as: Ebook Marketing Strategies
• Work from Home
• Making money with my own business
• Owning a business
• Financial Freedom

3. Be Crafty

Using opt-in URL in your answer may look spammy. It is better to put the URL in your signature.
Another way is to incorporate your informative blog post or opt-in page organically into the answer. You must do this craftily.
The Key is to communicate value. You can say something like this “There’s a lot more to this. I have written a 25-page free report on this topic.” Rather than saying “Hey, come sign up for my list!” This will give people an advantage to learn more about you and opt into your list organically.


• Give great and better answers. Over deliver!
• Answer lots of questions
• Create the link to your opt-in to flow naturally into your answer.


• Input your niche into the Yahoo! Answers search bar (or you can use the side bar).
• Search for some questions relevant to your niche.
• Review the answers that have been rated as the “Best Answers.”
• Try answering one question per day that is related to your niche.
• Make sure that your URL flows naturally to your answer.
• Test this for at least 10 days.


Yahoo! Answers is a unique challenge for the simple reason that rates you by your answer.
Write your best answer and try not to appear as directly trying to sell anything.

The end goal is to drive free traffic from Yahoo Answers, so do not be just another answer out of 10.
That would be a waste of time. Over-deliver with your answers so you can be voted top.

Test this to see if you are enjoying it. If you do,
it can give you a steady trickle of opt-ins for the coming years.

I hope this article will help you in building backlinks and get free traffic from Yahoo Answers. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.