Recommended Tools and Services You Need to Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income

To create passive income you need smart tools to build your business. The resources we recommend have been used by us to build our business. Without these resources we would not have succeeded.

Before you buy and start using these resources that we value, trust and recommend an important disclosure:

We will earn affiliate commissions from some of the recommended products if you choose to buy. These come at no additional cost to you. Please do not purchase any product you feel is not appropriate for growth of your business at a particular stage or if your pocket does not allow. We recommend these products because they will help you succeed in your business (because this is our mission) and not because we earn a small commission from it.



To build your brand you will need a website with a blogging platform that is linked to social media platforms. Having an independently hosted website is the starting point of your online wealth creation journey.

Building a website that generates traffic and sales needs training, forum support, website builder, buying a domain name, keyword research tool and hosting services.

For someone starting out the above mentioned services if purchased individually cost a lot.

There are two outstanding companies Wealthy Affiliate and Site Build It that provide the above-mentioned resources at a fraction of cost. You will not only save money but also get invaluable training and support to build a website that will help you start making online.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have launched successful online businesses through these two platforms.

I suggest you read my review ‘Wealthy Affiliate Vs Sitesell’ before you decide which one to buy because there is slight difference in the features they offer. You have to decide which of the two is more suitable for your requirement.

I started with Site Build It but changed over to Wealthy Affiliate because of the flexibility it provides.

Affiliate Expert Academy Tools


TRY WEALTHY AFFILIATE                                      TRY SBI


If you decide to go on your own then you will need hosting service and we recommend Bluehost where it is incredibly easy to set up a wordpress blog. With Bluehost you can host multiple niche blogs. They also have an outstanding customer service support system.



JAAXY Keyword Research Tool to Find Your Niche and Drive Traffic to your Post

To succeed on the internet you have to find the right niche for your business and drive traffic to the website you create. These two crucial objectives cannot be achieved without services of a keyword research tool.There are many keyword research tools in the market that are over hyped and priced. The most cost effective keyword research tool that we use and recommend to our team is Jaaxy.

jaaxy keyword research tool



The key to success on the internet is to build a responsive email list.

To achieve this you will require capturing names and emails by offering a free product or service that provides great value.


Leadpages is our favourite tools for creating high quality landing pages that convert viewers into subscribers and buyers.




Once you capture leads you will need a system to not only manage your list but also manage relationship with your subscribers by sending series of messages on auto pilot.

The auto-responder you sign up for should be capable of integrating with your website, leadpages, MLSP, Facebook advertising, video marketing and other services.

The two best auto-responders are Aweber and Getresponse that are very popular and market leaders. They integrate with most services.

We use and recommend Getresponse because in addition to its being top of the line auto-responder it also has a feature wherein you can conduct webinars to your list.

Conducting webinars is a fantastic way of building email list and selling high ticket items. This is a huge saving because webinar software’s can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per month.

The best part of Getresponse is that they have introduced a sales funnel as a part of the email marketing software so you do not have invest in a separate sales funnel software.




To successfully market products and services on the internet you need to create marketing funnels that entices people to buy product and services on auto pilot.

Most people find it hard to create marketing funnels because of complex technology issues in creating a funnel. Click Funnels solves this problem and you can create funnels extremely easily with few clicks of the mouse.

There is no point in wasting hundreds and thousands of dollars in advertising and setting up websites without proper marketing funnel that converts optin into sales. If conversion rates are poor then you are flushing money down the drain.


Click funnels automates squeeze page, automated webinar, product launches, eBook launches, membership site etc.  You will be able to not only automate several other types of funnels but also share them other members of your team.

Click Funnels allows integrating your favourite shopping carts to the funnel.

This product is marginally more expensive than other email marketing solutions but far more cost effective and produces better results with lesser effort.

click funnels


Note: As mentioned earlier GETRESPONSE has a built in Sales Funnel Software. Click Funnel is a far advanced software but more expensive. Our ADVICE is that you start with GETRESPONSE which is simple and easier to use but graduate to click Funnel when you start creating and selling Your own products



Property Analysis Calculator


For real estate investing you will need a calculator to work out profitability of the investment and cash flows. We recommend Zilculator which is one of the best calculators in the market.

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How to Grow Rich with Property Investing 

Before you jump to start investing in properties it is important to gain knowledge. We have developed a course How to Grow Rich with Property Investingthat you will find beneficial before you start your journey. Knowledge is the greatest leverage in life and investing in properties means very high financial commitment.


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