Gaming Jobs Online Review: Make Money Playing Fun Games!

Do you love playing video games all day long? Become a game tester now and start earning money for something you enjoy doing. All you have to do is sit back and play video games! How do you do it? Well, with the help of Gaming Jobs Online, you can make money by playing video games at the comfort of your home!

Gaming Jobs Online

The creation of Gaming Jobs Online began when Glen Anderson, an upset player, wanted to find a way to unite money and his love for video gaming. He started by advertising his skills online and to gaming companies. One day a company asked him to test out their latest creation and provide his feedback to the company. The company eventually was so impressed with his observations of each game that they hired him as a game tester.

Later he became a very famous game tester. A gaming job requires the game tester to test games before companies put them on the market. Of course, this is as important as any other job. This is the basis of the product. If you find a technical problem, it is essential to report it immediately.

Gaming Jobs Online

What is Gaming Jobs Online?

In order to achieve your dream, a person must stand out in life and help others. With Gaming Jobs Online, Greg Anderson is trying to help other players make money.

Gaming Jobs Online is a platform where gamers and high-end video game companies work together. Companies want information about what the gamers think of their products as a professional gamer (Sounds fancy, don’t it?).

gaming jobs online review

Game testers on the site can access new and unpublished games to explore. It is as simple as paying members to the site to play!

This is an online business since 2008 and apparently has a database of companies looking for:

  • Video Game Tester
  • People who participate in surveys
  • When you come to online games, you will find lots of exciting video information that explains how to make money easily from playing video games from home.
  • They say you can earn an average of $ 39,063 a year using online video games.
  • This is perfect for people who love video games. However, the test of video games is by no means like playing video games. Therefore, a company should not enter as a laboratory for video games and imagine spending the day playing games.
  • This is a task that requires some writing skills to communicate any problems you face accurately and is likely to spend dozens of times examining the scene itself. You can earn money anywhere you live. This opportunity operates in more than 150 countries.

How does gaming jobs online work?

Games go through different stages of development. When almost done, developers need strangers to test their games with new eyes. As a test game, your job is to test everything the developer wants to do, including finding and documenting errors and problems.

A simple technical problem in the game can reduce sales in the market. Whenever Glenn finds a problem in the game, the company pays him the most. One of the rules, if you want to become a game tester is to be an observer of graphics and plot, if you think the graphics are not up to mark as compared to the same types of games available in the market, then it is your job to point it out to the authorities. Your thoughts are necessary. Because if the problem is not pointed out before it was made available in the market, your credibility would be challenged and you might not get a chance to work with your favourite gaming company again. So, take this job seriously.

What actually do you have to do as a games tester online?

While the game is still under development, video game reviewers list game errors and failures while playing them. They provide the best gaming experience for those who buy the game. Video game testers test the quality assurance part of the video game industry by focusing on game details to adequately document errors or errors. Testing video games also need to play and try to get to places where designers have not.


You need to know how to handle the character on your screen. That’s it! Basically, anyone with a minimum knowledge of gaming can use Gaming Jobs online to make some extra cash. It does not require you to get fancy degrees or have really fancy equipment. Your love for video games is all you really need.

What do you get as a video game tester online?

They provide you with a database of companies that are supposed to be looking for test games. The thing about databases like these is that they are rarely updated, as in this case, and you can find better and newer ways when you perform a search. Do it yourself, and it’s free!

It is really possible for anyone to make money online. Whether you play bingo or solitaire, download premium mobile apps, or play casino games, people make money every day by playing online, and you can also earn money in your spare time.

They also promote that you can make money by taking surveys online. For example, the website promotes Google Opinion Rewards. This is primarily a survey application that is fast enough to be used. I already got it on the phone and got about $ 20 a year. The app is exciting because you can spend credit directly in the Play Store. However, they are far from initial marketing.

This is generally true for surveys. The amount you earn in each survey is usually meager, and there are often significant differences between surveys.

Fortunately, there are special sections in the mix to test video games. One of them is called Video Game Premium Tester.

What do Video Games Tester Online Gaming jobs pay?

You may be surprised, but being a game tester works very well, given that you are just playing. After reviewing one of the latest games, you are prompted to take a survey of your experience with the product. The more errors you could point out, the better. Either it’s the storyline, colour scheme, graphics, that creepy doll looking the thing in the background, etc. If it seems off to you, make sure you make a point of that.

Each survey pays between $ 5 to $ 75! The payment per survey is dependent upon the length of the survey, but it is not uncommon to earn up to $ 30 an hour if you are just playing. Furthermore, you can select to participate in focus groups, and that can pay you up to $ 150 an hour.

Incase you are not a good gamer, or you are not in a mood to play? No problem, you can also watch the gamming trailers and learn how to play them and earn from $ 4 to $ 25 per hour.

Some players earn an average of $ 49,063 a year when playing and testing video games on this platform.

What You Can Expect to Earn from Gaming Jobs Online

Here is a bullet point list of some of the benefits for members of Gaming Jobs Online 

  • Pay you to play new and unpublished games
  • Pays online surveys and earn between $ 5 and $ 75 per person or more
  • Join focus groups and earn up to $ 150 an hour
  • Try out new games, game consoles, controllers, or other products and even keep free products!
  • Pay a preview of game clips for $ 4 to $ 25 an hour
  • It is helpful to check for new games up to $ 30 an hour
  • Access the game task database
  • Access the functionality of the home video game test
  • 100 video game tests on site
  • 100 international work for video game labs
  • Access to thousands of entry-level gaming functions
  • Unlimited access to the Members page

These just to name a few.

Final Thoughts

But beware! You can try the website for one dollar. There’s enough time to see if the subscription is worth the $ 27 monthly fee. Just be careful. The test lasts only one week, and you will be automatically charged for the total amount, except for cancellation.

Looking back on Dren from Australia, he was still a university student when he discovered this opportunity. What he did was a part-time job in this world of online games while studying. Later he decided to do every day!

Years later, he has his home, two cars and thousands of dollars in his bank account. Dren never completed his studies, but he exists, happy and balanced with his work and social life.

But know that it’s not as easy as it seems and the money is not as good as the site claims, at least not in the start, you have to work up to that amount. Gaming job online does not actually offer you full-time jobs, just enough for you to earn some extra cash while doing what you love to do.

Gamers revealed to other players their pleasant surprise when they discovered that there was a way to make money while having fun! People may think it’s not a “real” job, but as long as you can earn from it then it’s good.

At Gaming Jobs Online, you can get all the information you need to start earning for doing what you love to do. Isn’t it a dream come true?

Visit Gaming Jobs online and make your dreams a reality!

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