5 Top Strategies for Driving a Ton of Free Traffic with Twitter

In this post I’ll share with you my 5 top strategies for driving a ton of free traffic with Twitter to your website, YouTube video or Facebook post. Once you learn these strategies you will drive insane traffic to your website or opt-in page of your choice.

 You will get the best results if you open your Twitter account and be ready with a pen and a paper to take down some notes.

Social Media as we all know is more than a buzzword. For years, successful campaigners used Social Media and especially Twitter to grow their lists and it has been proven.

Twitter is an easy to use social media tool that can help you drive traffic to your opt-in page.

 Here is how to begin with driving traffic using Twitter:


Sounds clear and obvious, right? Then you’d be surprised.

Hundreds and Thousands companies are using Twitter, but they don’t know exactly how to use it properly in communicating. Simply posting like “What a beautiful day!” or “How are you doing?” isn’t going to get lots of responses and especially won’t get you re-tweeted.

Most people want short, useful chunks of information and fun ideas that they can use.

Things like:

  1. Quick business
  2. Quotes and witty sayings
  3. Links to great articles
  4. Links to blog posts
  5. Links to news items
  6. Links to freebies <= Ah hah! That’s your opt-in page.

If you fill their Twitter page with some useless and irrelevant information, they will stop following you. No followers, No opt-ins.

On the other hand, if you send Tweets they like and can offer them good valuable content with things for free, they will follow you.


The more followers you have on Twitter, the more people will be able to reach your tweets. So, it is important to grow your Twitter following.

To achieve this, there are two things that you need to do:

Strategy One: Follow other people

One of the coolest and most wonderful thing in Twitter is that you get to see who is following other Twitter accounts.

It means that you will be able to see some popular Twitter accounts in your niche and you can start following those people.

Example: If your niche is healthy eating, then you can target the followers of those who are in health food stores like Whole Foods and similar topics.

Twitter works in a way that if you follow somebody, they will generally follow you back.

Since you are following people who are clearly and well interested in your niche, then you are reaching out to the right people.

Strategy two: Engage in a conversation

After you follow somebody, leave them a message.

DON’T EVER SEND DIRECT MESSAGES. Why? Because at some point, most Twitter users don’t check their direct messages.

Instead, send them “@message.” Just start engaging conversations with them but there is no need to be a pushy sales person here.

By doing actual conversation, you can increase your chances that they will follow you just the same.


You should do both, USE hashtags and REACH them. You can search by ‘#hashtags’ in your niche. By placing the #hashtags properly in the right place will help increase your presence in your search results.

#Hashtags can be placed in your tweet or immediately after the tweet. In this way, when people want to look for more information in your niche, your tweet will suddenly pop up.

Here are some popular #hashtags that may help you:





You can get creative with your hashtags to reach the right audience.


The other side of #hashtags is through searching. Look for people who are talking about your niche by using #hashtag search and you can start a conversation or try to interact in some way.

Searching for other popular tweets and following them back is a big help to build up your Twitter account. Most people would be following you back if you follow them first.

Also, re-tweeting their tweets and commenting on them will be helpful to maintain your presence. When you re-tweet, it will also increase your chances of being re-tweeted.

Why do you need to be re-tweeted? For a simple reason, all the followers will be able to see your tweet and if they like it, they will follow you.


Once you have a large following, you can try this simple conversion.  As this is social media site, most people don’t want to be sold to all the time, so you always have to mix up your content.

Now, try this ¼ Rule for your tweets:

  1. ¼ related to news in your niche.
  2. ¼ related to something fun and interesting.
  3. ¼ related to tips and advices
  4. ¼ directing them to your opt-in page

If all your posts are all about the opt-in page, they will have the tendency to feel that they are being spammed and will likely to un-follow you. Try mixing it up with blog comments and forums and provide QUALITY content.Ideas To Make Extra Money

To sum up:

  • Write quality and creative tweets
  • Get involved into conversations occasionally.
  • Use #hashtags properly.
  • Mix up the type of tweets using the ¼ Rule.
  • Always stay active by following and re-tweeting.

Daily Routine to grow Twitter followers:

  • Proceed to Twitter and #hashtag search something related to your niche.
  • Find someone who has lots of followers and IS NOT following a whole lot of people.
  • Make sure to read their tweets and analyze them.
  • Follow them
  • Re-tweet some of their interesting tweets.
  • Tweet 4-8 times a day using the ¼ Rule.
  • Repeat each day for about 10 minutes, finding for one person, following, tweeting and re-tweeting. 

The Wise Marketer Knows…

Twitter can be either an epic waste of time or can be a really a useful tool, depending on how you use it.

Having a Twitter account alone isn’t good enough.

You need to post quality posts frequently.

As there are tons of users, this means that there is a whole lot of potential for conversion and traffic.

Test out Twitter and if you enjoy it, build up your followers and start tweeting using the ¼ Rule.

If you found this post ‘5 Top Strategies for Driving a Ton of Free Traffic with Twitter’ helpful then please share it with others who can also benefit from it. Please leave a comment with your views or any questions you may have.