Human Proof Designs Affiliate Sites Review

When it comes to affiliate marketing, one has to consider a number of things in order to become successful in this field of life. Starting from your favorite topic, you have to decide whether that topic is good enough to generate a decent amount of money every month. Even if your desired niche is of top-quality, you’ve to search for new ways in order to make sure that it reaches its desired audience. Starting from the top-rated keywords, it includes relevant backlinks and a wide range of other SEO techniques.

Apart from the information mentioned above, you’ve to be wary of the full range of online scammers who are nothing but serious time-wasters. Almost all of them have zero knowledge about affiliate marketing and they eventually end up ruining a beginner’s dream.

But here’s the deal.

If you’re looking for a reliable way of scaling up your affiliate marketing but aren’t sure where to start, you have just landed at the right place.

A trusted source in the field of affiliate marketing, Human Proof Designs affiliate sites, which are not only of top-quality but are also more than capable of achieving your desired target. Want to know more about this platform? Have a look at the Human Proof Designs affiliate sites review.

Human Proof Designs Affiliate Sites

human proof designsEver since their inception back in 2013, Human Proof Designs have established more than 1000 affiliate sites for people from all around the globe. On top of that, this platform provides you with unique articles – with relevant keywords & backlinks – so you can start making money at the earnest.

Their primary focus is for beginners who want to make their name in the field of affiliate marketing but lack the required budget or time to compete with some of the top names in this field. Apart from doing all the research for you, they do that at a much affordable price. It means that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get a top-quality affiliate sit from Human Proof Designs.

Human Proof Designs Features


Regardless of your desired niche, whether you’ve some particular topic in your mind or even if you want to go with the pre-selected niches, Human Proof Designs has got you all covered. Its trained professionals will do everything that is necessary to turn a new affiliate site into a successful one in a very short span of time.

There are three types of websites which you can order from Human Proof Designs. One is the ready-made website, which is normally the most inexpensive option. Second is the custom-made site, which falls within a medium price range. And the third one is the most expensive, which is called the aged-site.

As evident from its name, an aged-site already has a good ranking on Google. So, even though you have to spend a bit higher amount of money up front, you’ll also get a ready-to-make-money website from day one. But if you’re looking for budget-oriented options, you can choose from any of the first two types.


When it comes to beginners, they always want to learn new things regarding the affiliate websites. Keeping in mind this particular demand of its customers, HPD has created a hi-fi video library on its platform.

You can learn everything from web hosting, outsourcing, different plug-ins and keyword research to a wide range of other topics via the video library. It means that when you have the required tool, in the form of a website, the professionals at HPD will also teach you how to use it for your convenience.

Customer Support

One thing which differentiates an ordinary company from a successful one is the way it deals with its customer base. Even though some companies will greet you wholeheartedly at first, but once you purchase something, they’ll simply forget about you.

However, there is no such thing with Human Proof Designs, which believes that a happy customer is imperative for their own success. Moreover, once you purchase from HPD, you’ll get lifetime access to their training library. This is especially beneficial for all those who want to learn new things about affiliate marketing.


Every website, which you order from the Human Proof Designs platform, incorporates a unique design. All of these websites comes integrated with the required plugins, relevant images as well as proven templates, so you don’t have to do anything, at all.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In sharp contrast to other digital marketing sites, which offer no more than 30 days guarantee, Human Proof Designs offer a staggering 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of its valuable customers. It means that if you purchase a pre-made website from this platform, but the end product isn’t of your desired quality, you can always contact HPD to make it right.


There are two types of packages which you can get at Human Proof Designs. One of them is known as the starter package and the other one is known as the premium package.

The starter package comes at a much lesser price as compared to its premium counterpart. In this package, you’ll get different articles worth of 8000 words in total along with premium plugins and a professional design. Moreover, you’ll also get one month access to the Human Proof Designs membership form after purchasing the starter package.

On the other hand, the more expensive premium package consists of all the features which you’ll get in the starter package, but the total word count will increase to 16000 words. In addition, you’ll also get a professional logo, designed exclusively for your website, along with accounts on different social media platforms.

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If you want to build a high-quality affiliate website, but don’t have the required time to work on it, ordering one from HPD can solve your problem. Not only will it save you a valuable amount of money but at the same time, you’ll also get a professional end product in a much affordable price.