Sendlane Autoresponder Review

The constant access to information had a very interesting effect on a lot of industries. People now have very little patience as compared before, since offers are so diverse and there’s an alternative to anything. This main factor has caused businesses, both small and large, to seek more consumer-friendly practices.

Small businesses often have trouble caring for a bigger number of clients, but there are ways around this. Throughout this article, a business owner can learn what an automated email system can do for their business. 

Sendlane Autoresponder: Key Features

For those who get confused by the term “digital marketing”, it’s basically the tools that an online business uses to grow its client base, their brand reputation, sales, traffic and more. There are a lot of methods that companies practice to achieve these goals. The two most popular ones are SEO and email marketing.

While SEO is a powerful digital marketing tool, it can also have pretty negative effects on a business’ reputation since the integrity of their materials will be somewhat compromised.

Automated emails are a digital marketing tool which is useful for both the user and the client, making it a very good choice for a small business. They’re a great way of building up customer fidelity, brand awareness, and overall traffic.

When using email marketing services, a business has the ability to send professionally crafted emails either upon triggering an event or on a set moment or period.

In relation to that, Sendlane Autoresponder is a digital marketing tool that includes the following:

  • A free 14-day trial with complete features
  • Automated emails that can be sent to more than 100,000 individuals
  • Free landing and thank you pages, hosted by the providers
  • Unlimited emails
  • A migration service that allows users to carry their client base over providers
  • API integration (allowing the service to be applied to various applications, like WordPress or PayPal)
  • Documentation on how the user can integrate the services in other applications
  • 24-hour email support
  • A variety of payment methods


  • Plenty of features for a complete email marketing experience
  • A lengthy free, full-feature trial
  • A 50% price reduction following the trial for the first 500 subscribers
  • 24-hour support
  • API integration


  • Customer support doesn’t include voice or video chat support
  • Only available through online payments (other providers accept checks or cash orders)


Sedlane Autoresponder services come in a very complete and useful package. Online businesses have a variety of templates with which they can create landing, squeeze, and opt-in pages. These are all pages to which users are being directed during internet searches or browsing.

Additionally, they give the user the possibility of signing up to some free services by subscribing to either a newsletter, a reward or other incentives that will draw them to the main business.

sendlane autoresponderTraffic is essential when running a blog or online business, and this is a good and often non-invasive way to get bigger revenues. Newsletters and regular automated messages are a good way of building client fidelity, brand recognition, more revenues and an overall better business.

The services offered by Sedlane Autoresponder are fit for a variety of clients, from bloggers to small retail businesses.

The API integration feature allows automated emails to be applied to invoices, bills, shipment confirmations, making it a versatile service that covers a lot of different industries. The support team offers both solutions and council regarding different functions.

While Sendlane Autoresponder doesn’t have a call center, the email support is better in some aspect since clients can be more explicit by using screenshots, taking their time to explain the issues more thoroughly.

There’s plenty of page templates created by professional designers, compatible with both desktop and mobile devices that business can use to attract new subscribers. These features are included in the monthly subscription and come at no additional cost with hosting included.

The main idea is that, while the whole concept might not be the easiest one to grasp, implementation is a breeze. The interface features plenty of educational materials and beneficial features, like drag and drop, a fully modular newsletter customization tab that’s very intuitive to use, and a spotless and simple automation screen. The package also comes with analytics, allowing the poster to optimize their content for the best results.


Sedlane Autoresponder is a service that puts their clients’ businesses on top of anything else. Their customer support work around the clock to solve every issue. Their template designs are on the spot and they don’t impose service restrictions based on the subscription price.

In a thriving market, other alternative services claim that they offer the same level of quality and care as Sendlane services, but is that statement true? Campaigner is a service that provides similar solutions to their clients, but there are some considerable differences between the two.

Campaigner is less up-front regarding their pricing policies and the features that they provide depending on different subscriptions. Considerably more expensive, Campaigner’s less transparent practices are placing them below Sendlane right off the bat.

In addition to that, Campaigner is a service that’s targeting retailers above all else, so their services will be inferior to something as versatile as Sendlane.

On the plus side, they do provide their clients with a call center number, which is a plus compared to Sendlane’s business model. While this is a good change of pace, Sendlane is still a better service, since they manage to stay ahead in almost every other aspect.


Sendlane Autoresponder solutions are a great choice for growing small businesses through carefully crafted landing page and newsletter templates, great customer support and a variety of learning materials. The user has the liberty to implement the services to a variety of different applications due to API integration support, making it a very good choice for a number of different businesses.

Their services start at 1,000 subscriber offers, with unlimited emails—an excellent opportunity for small businesses (with 500 more subscribers covered than standard services). Their solutions are applied to small, medium and enterprise-level businesses, offering the same care and attention to detail at every level.

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