Photography Jobs Online Review: How Much Money Can You Make?

With so many ways to make money online, there are just as many websites that promise you can earn a second income or even become financially independent by utilizing their services. For those who love photography one of the more prominent is Photography Jobs Online. This is a site that is designed to create freelance photography jobs from home, so you can earn money with the photos that you take.

Photography Jobs Online

In this Photography Jobs Online review, we will look at the site, what it promises, and does it delver in terms of the services provided. What can be said is that freelance photography jobs online is nothing new, but the promises made by this site arguably exceed the typical hubs for stock photography use.

What is Photography Jobs Online?

This is not a singular site, but rather a hub that offers access to many different sites that purchase photographs for publishers of all types. Around the world, there are individuals, businesses, advertisers, and promoters that are looking for good stock photography at low prices to help market their products, services, and events.

freelance photography jobs online

Photography Jobs Online provides you with one place to access all of these sites to sell your photos. This means instead of having to search the internet, you can find the relevant sites in one place.

How It Works

Once you sign into the site, you will be able to pitch the photographs you have taken to the people, businesses, and the like willing to make a purchase. The number of categories is considerable and includes the following;

  • Nature
  • Sports
  • Family
  • Flowers, Plants, and Animals
  • Architecture and More

There is no limit to the number of photographs that you can submit. Simply pick a category, submit the photos that you have taken, and wait for a response. You can choose from any number of subjects that suit your interests and start making money with each purchase.

Currently, you will be paid $1 for every photo that is downloaded by a purchaser. There are no restrictions on the quality of the photographs you submit, but generally speaking the better the photo, the more likely it will be purchased. In addition, because there are different licenses to using your photo involved, a single picture may be purchased for up to $120, although that is rare.


You will need to have a good, professional camera to take high quality photos. The sites which are offering opportunities will have a set of standards that your photos must reach in order to be purchased. Remember that there is no guarantee that your photos will be purchased, but to have the opportunity your photos must be of solid, professional quality.

This means that your smartphone will not do. You will need a good professional or at least prosumer camera with a good lens that takes high quality pictures. There are many different digital cameras available, so if you do not have one there are plenty out there to purchase. You can use the sites you visit as a guide to help you get the best camera for the job.


There are numerous advantages to Photography Jobs Online that makes it the perfect choice for the avid photographer. If you love taking photos and have the spare time, it’s possible to earn a considerable amount over the days, months, and years that you submit photos to this site.

Work When You Want: Since you only get paid for the photos you submit, there are no work requirements. You can work when you want, where you want, and on your own schedule. There are no commitments to make as you only earn money for what you submit.

More Photos, More Pay: This is perfect for the avid photographer who loves taking pictures. You can see what categories are in higher demand and take photos to increase your chances of getting paid.

Make the Most of Your Hobby: For those who love taking photographs, this is a great way to earn extra money. You can take advantage of your time and submit photos from the many different places that you go. This includes your home and surroundings which means that you never have to go out the front door.


Obviously, you will need a good camera, although with technology today the prices are coming down and even pictures from your smartphone may work depending on their quality.

The biggest issue you will face is the competition. Stock photography sites have been around for many years. This means that you will be up against many professional photographers who also offer similar pictures. While the competition is fierce, remember that photographs are unique. That means your photo may stand out because of what the purchaser wants and not necessarily who the photographer is.

Having said that, there are no guarantees that you will be paid. This means that even if you take great photographs, it may not be what the purchasers are looking for in terms of their needs.


In this Photography Jobs Online Review, we have covered the basics of how this site works and whether it can make you money. The answer is yes; Photography Jobs Online is legitimate and offers a proven way to earn extra money from photographs you have taken over time to submitting new photos on a daily basis.

This means that if you are interested in freelance photography jobs from home to earn extra cash, this is a simple, proven method for putting more money into your wallet. You can do this whenever you want, submitting an occasional photograph or adding new ones every day.

It is possible to earn a good second income and even make this a primary source of money that helps you become financially independent. However, as with most freelance photography jobs online, the real benefit is the flexibility it offers in helping create a new income stream. This means that combined with other income sources, Photography Jobs Online can help you achieve your dreams of financial independence by doing what you love.