Writing Jobs Online Review: Can You Make Real Money Online?

Writing is a basic skill that is in high demand for many different jobs. Today, there are millions of people who write for a living. From fiction to non-fiction books to filing reports, copywriting, blog articles, press releases, and so much more. For the aspiring writer, this is where Writing Jobs Online offers an opportunity to showcase your talent and receive job opportunities.

Writing Jobs Online Review

What is Writing Jobs Online?

This is a site that offers opportunities for freelance writers to be paid for their work. There are many different areas of writing available in terms of blogs, websites, magazines, and so forth. Freelance writing means that you are paid per article that is submitted and accepted.  This is more than a site; it is a hub for the many publishers, businesses, and organizations that are looking for content for a wide variety of projects.

In this Writing Jobs Online review, you will learn how it works, what is needed to succeed, the advantages and disadvantages, and whether this is a worthwhile opportunity for you.

Freelance Writing Jobs

How It Works

Once you finish registering online, you are presented with a myriad of opportunities to write for different companies. Writing Jobs Online has many websites, magazines, marketing materials, and books that need your writing skills.

The work you receive will be based on the writing skills that you demonstrate. For satisfied clients, they will most likely provide you with more work. This is more than just a job; it can be a career that you build up over time by submitting articles, press releases, feature pieces, and the like. Many writers who start off with the small fees earned in their initial submissions are now getting considerably more because of their high-quality work.

You will need a good command of English and the ability to write at a high school level. In other words, you do not have to be a Shakespeare, but your writing does need to be clear and concise to get the message across.


There are several advantages for aspiring writers who are looking to get started in the field. It helps if you are motivated to succeed as you must establish your reputation first before earning larger sums for your work.

Database: This is a large database of opportunities where you can get your start. The jobs are posted with different requirements, so you can choose the ones that are best suited to your talent level. This means writing for certain industries or publications depending on their needs.

Latest News & Tutorials: This site offers plenty of new information about the state of freelance writing, which means that you will find out about the latest trends and big opportunities that are available. In addition, there is a section devoted to writing tutorials that are on video. This allows you to improve your writing skills, understand the opportunities available, and know what to do when setting prices for your work.

Tool & Software: You will get to know the various tools that are necessary to sustain a freelance writing career. Lots of good information will help you make the best choices for what to get and how to apply it towards your writing. This includes software that may help you in writing for different areas, such as WordPress, Google Docs, and social media sites.

Premium Account: For those who have excelled so far, the site offers premium services that can help you make long-term contacts for better pay. This means writing for online magazines and other publications. There is plenty of good advice that comes with such services, helping to guide you towards making freelance writing a full-time career if that is what you desire.

Work When You Want: This is possible the most attractive feature as you can choose the jobs you want and work on your time. This means that once you complete the assignment you have accepted you can stop working for as long as you want before picking up a new assignment. This means that you can manage your own time and create the path to success that best suits your needs.

Being eager, passionate, and willing to put in the extra work needed to make the most of your work is required if you want to succeed. Writing is a field filled with many who lack the time, talent, or dedication to truly make it full-time endeavor. But if you have all three, then you can succeed.

Writing Jobs Online


While you do get a free 7-day trial, you will have to pay for your membership. Consider that other sites do not charge that type of fee. Although this site does not charge a commission for each article you submit. This can be a positive or negative depending on your current financial situation.

If you are a talented, experienced writer, then Writing Jobs Online may work for you. But then again there are other ways to let the world know about your abilities. In other words, this site will work for you and is particularly good in helping you get started, but it may not be right in terms of your abilities, the time you have to spend, and the amount of work needed to really make this a full-time job.


With Writing Jobs Online, it is possible to build a full-time income. However, with the relatively low price for each article, you may be better off starting with this site before becoming an independent freelance writer. As the Writing Jobs Online review indicates, this is entry-level work that is great for helping you get started, but once you are established it may not pay enough for your needs.

As a place to start Writing Jobs Online is a great way to make a splash. And it is possible that you can be paid a considerable amount depending on your talents. Just keep in mind that your goal should be to seek the freelance writing jobs that pay considerably more over time