KeywordFinder Tool Review

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, you’ll eventually feel the need to use a good set of keywords to improve the performance of your website. If you haven’t tried creating keyword-rich content, you are potentially losing a lot of customers and opportunities to generate higher revenue. There are several keyword research tools online. Today, we will give you a KeywordFinder tool review and everything there is you need to know about it.

Keyword search is something that if you avoid will ultimately have a negative impact on your own website. Finding the right keywords is definitely difficult and time-consuming, but if done right, it will generate traffic to your website and place your site on the first page of the search engine results.

KeywordFinder Tool Review: Everything You Need to Know

Keyword tools are keyword research instruments that generate hundreds of keywords for any topic. These tools can provide you with keywords that have very less competition in a matter of minutes and make the process of finding the right keywords in just a few clicks.

KeywordFinder Tool Review

What is KeywordFinder Tool? Famously known as KWFinder, it is basically an alternative to the very infamous Google’s keyboard planner. While Google’s keyboard planner is known to be very clunky and lacks the UI, KWFinder tool is convenient to use both for beginners and SEO experts. People swear by it, and many even claim that with the use of this tool, their organic visitors went from zero to 75,000 in just a month.

This tool has a lot of features which makes it more popular than its competitors. KWFinder is capable of changing the languages on the keyword search, ranking the keywords based on SEO difficulty, and giving users detailed information on keywords in terms of search volume and location of the visitors.

To give you an example of this tool, let’s take the word “advantage” to use as a keyword. If your website targets the entire world, you are competing with practically everyone on the internet. Once you hit search after typing that word in the bar, it will give you a detailed list of it. To begin with, it will show you the number of searches it has per month, and it will also give you the SEO competition score.

Moreover, it will provide more detailed information about the keyword you search such as the average monthly search for the keyword, the average cost per click, the pay-per-click competition level, Google ranking, and the page authority. These data are important because they can help you in developing effective promotional strategies for your product or service.

But, if the word “advantage” has a very high SEO competitiveness rank, you can use this tool to generate a long tail variation in order for the rank to go lower. KWFinder will offer you a list of long tail variation phrases and show you the competitiveness rank. You can select the one which has the lowest score to make the maximum benefit out of it.

KWFinder has a very easy-to-use filter tool which helps you sort and filter all the metrics with complete ease so that you don’t waste more of your time. In addition, if you want to revisit your previous searches, there is a “history” tab that you can click on and will give you a list of all your past searches.

There will, of course, be moments where you may not understand certain things about this tool. But you don’t need to worry because Peter Hrbacik, the developer of this tool, has provided great help and support tab for all users. Also, on their website, they have a live chat where you can reach them immediately for any concern. You can also contact them by email for issues that are not urgent.

Unlike several expensive keyword search tools on the market, KWFinder is highly affordable and is used by a lot of businesses. You don’t even need to install this tool as an app on your computer as it works entirely on the web. All you need to do is visit their website and get started.

One of the biggest reasons why this keyword research tool is so popular amongst newbies is because the user interface and the user experience on this website are simply fantastic. All you need to do is to type in the word in the search bar on their website, and it does all the work for you after that.

Unlike several other keyword tools that require a setup and a tutorial to use, The KWFinder comes as a breath of fresh air as it avoids all of those unnecessary steps.


  • The user interface is very simple and easy to understand.
  • The user experience with this tool is simply fantastic.
  • KWFinder gives you three different ways to research words.
  • The results for every keyword you search are really simple and easy to read through.
  • It also has a history tab that will help you find all of your past searches.


  • Does not let you perform competitor search.
  • It lacks support for multi-tabbed research.


The KWFinder is a user-friendly keyword research tool that will help you find data about a particular keyword in just minutes. The results that are found are very concise and not difficult to understand. They provide efficient customer support if you need assistance in resolving issues.


In comparison to the SECockpit, which is a keyword and SEO management tool, the KWFinder is a keyword and SEO management tool which also provides long tail keywords with SEO competitiveness ranking. In terms of market share, the KWFinder has the upper hand over the SECockpit. It also has a very easy to use and understand UI which the SECockpit lacks.


Whether you are completely new to SEO keyword searching or an SEO expert looking for an advanced tool, the KeywordFinder Tool is a necessary tool to help you generate organic traffic to your website. This tool will make the process of finding all the information really simple and easy and with features like competitiveness ranking. The long tail variation of keywords helps ensure that you are always getting the ideal keywords out of this tool.

We hope this article for KeywordFinder Tool review has given you sufficient information about everything and we highly recommend that you give this tool a try as quickly as you can.