How Fear Can Keep You Poor and Destroy Your Wealth Creation Ability?

The fear festering in your mind will keep you poor and is the biggest threat to the seed of wealth creation that you have in your mind; it is like a weed that has to be removed before you can succeed.

Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., irrespective of whether the threat is real or imagined.

Fear is a hard-wired emotion, triggered by our subconscious. As human beings, we naturally fear everything that is unfamiliar to us and anything from our past that has resulted in feelings of pain. These feelings signal our brain, which drives our actions in such a manner that causes us to avoid pain at all costs. We will instinctually go to great lengths to prevent circumstances that bring about fear and the stress that is created within us through that fear.

We are afraid of fear because we are afraid of pain. This creates a very real problem for us, in that, we are instinctively driven away from just about everything that would result in the creation of our own financial independence.

fearFear will always overwhelm everything that might bring about real change in our lives- it is unavoidable. It is in the nature of our brains to protect us from pain unless we make a conscious choice to achieve greater reward than the resulting pain brought about by what we fear.

DOUBT, FEAR, and ANXIETY are the three demons that bring our progress to an abrupt halt, right at the point when we are about to make a decision that has the potential to change our lives. Doubt creeps in and causes the fear, which in turn, causes the anxiety. The three can strike at lightning speed and freeze our decision-making capacity.

The demon of fear is, without a doubt, the biggest obstacle in our minds that does not allow us to nourish the seed of wealth. It is the fear of failure of losing all that we have achieved so far. It is the fear of criticism and ridicule. It is the fear of losing love and respect of our near and dear ones. It is always this irrational fear that holds us back from achieving greatness and financial success. 

What is the source of this fear?

What is it that causes us to freeze and lose our senses, rationality and the power to act? The primary cause of this debilitating demon is ignorance. Knowing this truth will set us free. That, in itself, is a beautiful truth.

You must understand that there is only one thing to be set free from and that is ignorance. If you analyze carefully, it is always the lack of knowledge, and the understanding of things and situations that causes fear. Let me explain: prior to the age of Enlightenment, thunder and lightning, like most unknown forces, were misunderstood and proved to be a source of great fear in the minds of people. Tumultuous nights usually scared people out of their wits, they did not comprehend what was happening. They would believe the Gods to be angry and felt guilty of their wrongdoings. It left a very deep impression of fear on their minds.

These days when science has explained the true nature of thunder and lightning, occurrences and fluctuations in weather do not cause any anxiety or fear in our minds. It leaves no impression whatsoever. We go about our daily works as if nothing has happened. It is a non-event. Fear burns in the fire of knowledge. Likewise, if you have the right financial knowledge, you will not suffer from fear of failure.

Similarly, our fears predominate due to the layers and layers of wrong inputs and impressions stored in our subconscious. These impressions were formed as a result of the education system that was designed in the industrial age: designed in an age where only few were privileged and the rest were trained mentally and professionally to be at their service.

Our parents and teachers, whom we loved and admired, were part of the same education system. They unknowingly passed the same knowledge down to us: become professionals, become doctors, engineers, accountants and lawyers. Get a job in a good company, work hard and be successful. No one taught us to be wealth creators. No one taught us the skills to be wealth creators.

Even the media, influencing public opinion profoundly, is a product of that old thought. We can’t blame them. They were educated in the same school of thought as most of us. They imbibed the fear of God into us. The economy is going downhill. Next year, there will be a recession: they rattle rising unemployment figures, oil prices, inflation rate, foreign debt, national debt and make comparisons with the great depression of the thirties, when everyone seemed to have lost their homes and jobs.

Fear, greed and sensationalism sells—rationality does not. No doubt we’re so afraid! Who would like to jump on to the bandwagon of uncertainties? Why take risks when you can get a decent job and survive? Fear is programmed in our memory chip in form of a blueprint that dictates our financial lives.

How to Overcome Fear?

We have to erase and rewrite that program if we have to succeed. Knowledge helps us to examine these fears and erase them from our systems.

Now look at the facts: our mindsets were created in a world that was poor. This was a time when there was a distinction between the privileged and the poor. These economic positions in life seldom changed. Either you were born rich or you worked for the rich. This has all changed now.

The world is moving forward at an unprecedented pace. Despite the doomsayers’ prediction by the media, the world is on a projected trajectory of great material advancement. You have to just assess history, starting from the industrial revolution, to understand the financial progress made by mankind. This pace has accelerated in the past 50 years and will increase in manifolds as the information age progresses.

There might be slight aberrations but the writing is on the wall for anyone to see. The wealth of the world is about to explode as never seen before—are you going to be a part of this expansion or get left behind?

At present, there are less than 0.1% wealth creators on this planet. This is going to change very rapidly because this advancing information age makes it possible to impart knowledge. Are you ready to acquire that new knowledge that will burn your fears and set you on path of great wealth?

Expand Your Mind State

You have made a decision to become an enlightened wealth creator; else you would not be reading this book. This is great…but be warned! Your inner nature is very powerful and strong; it is fortified by millions and millions of past impressions.

Our minds are like an elastic band: if the new force is not applied, it will try to snap you back and restore to its original position. You will need to keep applying the pressure of knowledge and burn your fears till you break free.

This is the stage where permanent transformation takes place and you do not go back to your original position. It is as though the rocket fueled by knowledge puts you into outer space beyond the pull of gravity. There is a saying that, “Once your mind expands it never goes back to its original state.” You will have to keep applying the pressure of Knowledge incessantly, till you find yourself in an expanded state of mind.

A rocket burns 90% of its fuel during its take off stage: once it defies gravity, very little energy is needed to keep it running. The same is true for a mind that wants to grow to an expanded state to create wealth.

All information that is recorded in our memory passes through a processor in our minds before it is recorded. The previously stored data that is recorded in our systems interferes with the processor as it analyzes incoming data. We have the capacity to change our blueprint by first erasing the old blue print by burning it in the light of new knowledge.

As the old data gets progressively removed from our systems, its interference reduces, and the capacity of our mind’s processor improves. The process is very slow as there are layers and layers of files accumulated in our system. Some of these are like viruses that continuously affect the capacity of our processor to analyze data correctly.

It is a catch 22 situation: our processors are affected by the same files it is trying to analyze, which makes the task very slow and tedious. However, we can make a quantum jump in our processing capability by upgrading our processors, by increasing our financial, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Once you gain financial, emotional and spiritual intelligence there is nothing in the world that will stop you from becoming wealthy.