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Innovation has been the driving force behind success. Every single segment, market, and industry has seen mind-blowing changes brought by technology—a shift in mentality and the overall capitalistic lifestyle of modern-day people.

Science, health, transportation, home appliances, they’ve all seen major improvements over the past decades. As with fashion, using obsolete technology and strategies can seem utterly ridiculous for business.

Search Engine Optimization is a new way of advertising one’s company. It shapes the content of a webpage to match keyword searches that are being inputted by potential clients.

Without SEO, a lot of businesses would’ve remained unknown. That is because search engine algorithms aren’t clever enough to distinguish whether or not an article might be of interest to a user unless it contains the exact key phrase used by the individual.

SEO services automatically scan search engines for the most used keywords, offering both small and big businesses the ability to reach high ranking search engine results. This, in turn, will translate into an organic growth of traffic, turning into ad profits and sales. 

Rank Tracker SEO solutions

While the description above might seem somewhat convoluted and complicated, Rank Tracker aims at making SEO simple for the average user. Whether for blogging, small nutritional product vendors, brokers and more, they can improve one’s traffic in a matter of days.

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  • Location Tracking
  • Tracking on both desktop and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, 2-in-1 laptops)
  • Tracking and comparing differences between a business and its competitors
  • Ability to share accounts and make multiple accounts with different levels of permission (to ensure the safety of the data)
  • Performance and development reports
  • Support that includes 24-hour email responses, as well as an extensive database of FAQs and how-to videos for entry-level users


  • Very user-friendly experience
  • Provides an extensive keyword search across multiple search engines
  • Comes with how-to videos and 24-hour support
  • Comes with various filters for keywords
  • Shows the strength of each keyword per page


  • Takes its toll on your average PC or MAC
  • Can only access data from one website at a time
  • Requires a pretty fast internet connection to function properly
  • Users need to set up their own proxy connections


Rank Tracker offers a complete SEO experience. The tracking app provides users and businesses with plenty of data regarding their own ranking results and the competition’s data. This is very important since a business can make adjustments on the spot based on this kind of information.

Location tracking is also an important feature that is present in their SEO solution. Basically, this will track the interests of people in a certain area rather than globally, allowing the user to change their content based on where they operate.

Additionally, Rank Tracker also provides information regarding the strength of competition content, enabling the user to adjust and become more competitive if required.

The customer service is pretty great since it includes 24-hour email support with response times that are less than an hour. Furthermore, for the uninitiated user, there are plenty of how-to videos, describing in detail all of the functions provided by Rank Tracker.

Their tracking solution comes in four different plans: Starter 250, Plus 1000, Expert 1750 and Pro 3500. Each of these plans is slightly adjustable for more or fewer keywords, which will impact the price. They also offer a 10-day trial period, with 20 keywords, two domains, and one competitor tracking.

All of the paid plans include:

  • Daily updates regarding rank
  • Automated and white label reports
  • Updates on demand

The differences between the plans are the number of keywords, users, and domains. Pay more, get more of them. The company provides account systems to their users, allowing the primary buyer to edit permissions. This feature can allow for multiple people to monitor one website’s activity and make adjustments on the spot.

As a minus, the process of reading data requires strong processing power, putting a big strain on average, consumer-level CPUs. That’s probably the only real downside to the service, as the rest of the drawbacks are understandable and can be fixed with a bit of patience.

The Rank Tracker software provides the user and business with data about each keyword’s individual strength, the number of visitors, and the number of searches made on the same search engine but at different locations (like google.com and google.co.uk).


Usually, this is the part of the review where the main product will be “tested” against a similar product from the same industry or niche. This case is different since there are a lot of sloppy-looking web pages that claim to offer SEO services, none rising to Rank Tracker’s level.

For instance, SEOWroks.com uses an unattractive interface, showing a lack of professionalism, especially in this niche.

SEO that works is also a SEO-based keyword, the service itself lacking any sort of brand recognition. This is a general problem with all kinds of SEO service providers out there.

Most of them offer copywriting solutions with under-qualified writers hastily writing up bad quality content, causing harm both to the business and the brand.

SEO is a very searched term, meaning that the organization, company or business that uses it most in their branding to rank higher, even though that’s not an indicator of their actual performance. Rank Tracker stands out in this market since it offers top of the line SEO solutions, a relatively user-friendly interface, and plenty of learning materials via how-to videos.


SEO has been a hot topic for the past few years, and a lot of people are trying to get a share of this new and exciting market. Because of this, there are a lot of no-name, shady service providers that offer cheap, low-quality services that will most likely do more harm than good.

Rank Tracker steps up, offering high-quality SEO alternatives for both small businesses and enterprises.

Their services are designed as user-friendly as possible, offering users daily, weekly and monthly reports regarding the development of their business. Moreover, it provides quality customer support options, video tutorials for beginners, and a user-friendly interface that anyone can understand. Building more exposure to a business has never been easier.

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