How to Attract Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Attracting free targeted traffic to the business opportunity that you are promoting is the key to your success on the internet. Without traffic, there is no business.


The key to getting targeted traffic to your website is to Position yourself as a Knowledge Leader in your niche so that people want your knowledge and start to follow you.

Positioning yourself as a leader is as easy as ABC.

  1. You have to become an expert in your field. To do that you always have to be a student. Willingness to learn will make you an expert.
  2. You need to share the knowledge that you have gained with your prospects. When you start to add value to others, they will start to following you.
  3. The final step is to share your story and personal results. Sharing your story creates an emotional attachment and people start relating to you at a personal level.

I will now show you some easy action steps on how to prove you are an expert in your niche.

  • Share your Philosophy. You have to state your point of view and show how it is different from others in your niche. If you can stand out from the crowd and show your personality then you will attract followers. Your philosophy will make people think and gravitate towards you.
  • Tell people about your popularity. Speak of your achievements in your niche. How many website hits you have. Talk about your video that went viral. Talk about your success.
  • Give yourself a Title. People respect you for your title. You can be CEO, VP or Director of your internet business.
  • Borrow Credibility. Be seen with leaders in the industry. This will be a source of inspiration to others who are planning to joining you. They will be excited to join a great organization.
  • Get Testimonials from Credible Partners. They will give you the testimonials to build your credibility. You have to develop relationships with them before they will give testimonials.
  • Increase your Visibility. As a leader, you have to increase your visibility. Any press is good press. Write articles, books or appear on television. Be a guest speaker or a guest another blog.
  • Give Social Proof. Talk about people who have joined your group and how you have helped them. If you are starting out then borrow credibility from how successful, is your team or business systems that are helping people to succeed in their business.
  • Create Products. If you have products for sale, then it will put you on a completely different level. A perfect example will be if you write a book about your niche. It will establish that you are a professional.
  • Tell your Story. Share your story on how you struggled and figured it all out. People love to hear stories specially the ‘rags to riches’ types. If you can show how you solved a particular problem then people with a similar problem will start to follow you.

Reverse Marketing

Reverse Marketing occurs when buyers and prospects start calling and wanting to join your team rather than you making cold calls. Prospects will gravitate towards you when they feel that you have the solution to their problems and they can gain something from you. There is a pull towards you when prospects see the possibility of enlightenment by associating with you.

Reverse marketing is about building relationships and being viewed by your prospects as someone who can help them solve their problems. When this happens you become more valuable to them. It takes very little time for people to form an impression of someone they just met and that impression tends to stick so it is very important that you make the right impression.

You have to position yourself as a knowledgeable and credible leader to make reverse marketing take effect. You have to show the potential prospect that you are living their ideal life style. This will pique their curiosity and have them wanting to know how you did it.

This is essential in branding you as the mentor in the mind of the prospect. It is important to remember that as a role model you need to maintain strong character and ethics. By demonstrating that you are sincere, safe and trust worthy you can create a lasting rapport within 90 seconds.

You have to play hard to get. The key step is to preserve your image and project that your time is valuable to the prospect. If you position yourself as someone being sought after, people will value and respect you.

If you beg for prospects attention, it will devalue your position as a sought after leader. If you make yourself scarce, then it will give you an upper hand in the relationship.

Small Window of Opportunity

The last step in the process of reverse marketing is to give your prospects a chance to join you by opening a small window of opportunity. This is a crucial step. A perfect example will be to send out an email to your list letting them know that you have an opening in your schedule to work with two people and ask them why they should be selected. This step will eliminate time wasters and bring serious prospects to the foreground.

Once you are perceived as a leader in your field people will search for you on the internet. This will drive free traffic to your website. You will no longer have to chase people to join your organization but serious prospects will hunt you down to join your business opportunity or buy products you recommend.

This is a proven and simplest way to drive free targeted traffic to your website.