Understanding Triggers of Wealth Creation

There are principally two triggers that work the mind when it comes to wealth creation. There may be slight variations but fundamentally there are only two triggers.

It is important to understand these triggers because all wealth is generated due to these two triggers. You will need to understand and use these triggers skillfully in order to create wealth. The two triggers are the ‘pain’ and the ‘pleasure’ triggers.

Pain and Pleasure

Pain comes from deprivation of basic human needs like food, shelter and love. Even the very thought of pain and deprivation can become great motivators that can get us started towards the process of wealth creation.

Pleasure, on the other hand, is fulfillment of desire unsatisfied.

wealth creation

Even the thought of pleasure can get our minds excited with all kinds of possibilities and is an equally great motivator to get us started.

Pain pushes us whilst pleasure attracts us towards acquisition of riches. You have to understand what trigger drives you—it can be a bit of both. A little bit of meditation and awareness will help you identify triggers that work your mind. Meditation is nothing else but consciously observing your thoughts without judgement. Once you understand the inner thought process, you will be able to make sound choices in the present and not be driven by programming from the past.

In my case it was extreme poverty that drove me into the arms of spiritual quest to find the answers to my miserable state. For some reason, I bypassed the material stage only to realize at a much later date that my development was incomplete. This realization set me on the path towards attaining material success.

In some ways, I am happy that I understood the spiritual values before embarking on the wealth creation process even though it set me back by a couple of decades. Money has given me great satisfaction- to educate my two children in the best of colleges that money could buy. It enabled our family travels around the world and expanded our horizons.

Importance of Money

The greatest thing about money is the freedom it provides. It gives the freedom of time to explore relationships. Freedom of movement, to explore new places, and spiritual freedom to discover and develop unique genius. To become an enlightened wealth creator is to have freedom to do what you desire as long as it hurts no one and helps others.

Charity means to help others grow and make them stand on their feet so that they can hold their heads in dignity. Knowledge, education and health are the keys.

Education and the pursuit of knowledge has been the only difference between me and the poor village in India from where I emerged. I hope to acquire all the riches in the world and go back someday to set up an educational system that will empower others to do better than me.

My triggers of pain and pleasure may be different as compared to yours because your circumstances and experience of life are different. Your triggers and dreams are equally worthy. Take time to find them and focus on them.

Sowing the Seed of Wealth Creation 

Do not run after the fruit without sowing the seed of wealth creation first. In doubt- read a little, reflect a little, meditate a little and become aware of the power of the money in your life and the triggers that drive you.

The seed will engender the tree and the fruits, and not the other way around. You are destined to great riches. Being wealthy is your right—you may or may not realize this fact. The world is moving towards materialistic progression. Sooner you understand this fact about money, faster the manifestation of affluence and power will happen in your life.

Make a decision at this very moment that: “I will be rich and enlightened,” and you shall be rich and enlightened. Your journey to financial freedom will begin as soon as you sow the seed of prosperity and becoming rich in your mind. It is as simple as that.

Even if one understands the importance of money, it is fear of the unknown and the risky that holds us back. No one has ever succeeded in life or created wealth without taking risks. Whether it is the decision to get married, start a business, invest in a property or choose a career; there are anticipation of the unknown. A sports person or an artist has to decide if they have sufficient talent to pursue their dreams, or join the rest of mankind by taking a less risky option.

There is ‘fog of war’ in every decision in life. No one has a crystal ball to see the future. The worst thing in life is to freeze because of that fear of the unknown. When it comes to money and our financial future, this fear becomes irrational. Understanding the triggers of wealth creation like pain and pleasure, fear and greed are fundamental to your success.