A Review of The Wealthy Affiliate Program

During the internet bubble burst of the year 2000, the internet was still in its infancy stage—the main reason the e-commerce crash was not yet fully felt. However, things began to change drastically and rapidly. Today, just nearly two decades later, a majority of people in the world own a laptop or mobile device which can connect to the web.

wealthy affiliate programMany decades ago, when people conducted business, traditional brick-and-mortar establishments were the only way to buy and sell. Now, face-to-face transactions are decreasing while online companies continue to expand. The new system’s convenience attracts people who want things done right now and fast.

Because of this new culture of buying and selling, more and more kinds of items are becoming available for purchase online, from clothes to insurance to real estate. In fact, research shows the e-commerce industry growing year on year. More people find it easier and safer to buy and sell their products and services online. And this is where Wealthy Affiliate Program comes in.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Program and How Does it Work?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing program that lets you earn through the promotion of products or services via social media such as Youtube, blogs, Instagram, etc. The most uncomplicated word to describe how this program work is referrals.

As a member, you will be able to create your blog or website. The program will provide you with training to help you connect with affiliated companies and generate a traceable link to their products and services which you incorporate into your blog or website. Each person that buys an item using your personalized link will earn you a percentage of the sales that will be credited to your account.


Online Community: The Wealthy Affiliate Program is a website where people can join and share their knowledge. The online community is a group of like-minded people who are committed to helping other members succeed in their business. The community offers training programs, coaching, and mentorship. They share products and services within the community.

  • 24/7 Accessibility: The Wealthy Affiliate program is open every day of the week, all year. You can write an article to post and promote, sell, or offer advice on a round-the-clock and year-round basis.
  • Safe and Secure Access: The site has strict security protocols. Members are assured that their account is secure and their privacy will remain intact.
  • Website Builder: As a premium member, this unique feature provides a smooth, user-friendly way of building a customized/personalized website. This website can be used to promote services or products to sell.
  • Back Office Features: This provides the members an automated report of their sales or commissions for a specified period.


Free Membership: Joining The Wealthy Affiliate is FREE. All that is required for the member is to create his or her account and access the program right away. The Basic membership is free, and they can access limited functions and features.

  • Online Support/Live Chat: Because of the community that is dedicated and shares a common goal with you, and that is for you to succeed, an army of fellow members can help you in your inquiries. May it be from the mundane to the complex topics. The Live Chat feature allows the flow of information and sharing of ideas between other members that is beyond the scope of the Online Training Module (see below).
  • Online Training Module: The Wealthy Affiliate program provides exciting and knowledge-filled training modules. These programs will enable you to learn various techniques on how to do the program correctly. The training is in laddered form, and as a member, you will be expected to finish each module. A specific task or exam must be undertaken or passed after each module before you can begin the next.

Listed below are some of the topics or modules that a premium member can access.
a) Content Writing
b) Keyword Research
c) Finding the niche market to sell and promote.
d) How to be found by proper use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
e) How to do video marketing

  • User-Friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) – The Wealthy Affiliate program is straightforward. The flow and button alignment is effortless to follow as the links are carefully laid out and thought of. First-time users will find it a breeze to discover the whole index of this website.


Seven Days Free Trial: Membership is free. However, most features and access to some of the links will expire within seven days after which the member will be asked to get the premium version. Some features like online video training will still be available after seven days.

  • The Wealthy Affiliate program is often confused as an MLM or network marketing. This is a training program that has a built-in reward system. The main feature of this program is teaching members how to generate sales from every product sold from the affiliated companies that sell the actual product and not for recruiting members.


Wealthy Affiliate has been offering its affiliate program for the last ten years while other competitors like Solo Build It (SBI) by SiteSell has been around longer. However, while SBI provides training modules and information that members might find similar to the ones Wealthy Affiliate offers, Wealthy Affiliate’s support, and online community seem to be much more dedicated.


The Wealthy Affiliate program is loaded with information and up-to-date training modules to keep up with each changing technology. The community strives to share information and strategies to increase the success of each member.


wealthy affiliate programWith the advent of social media and proliferation of mobile devices, creating another stream of income is made more accessible to everyone. The Wealthy Affiliate Program has been proven to deliver excellent results for its members. Bottom line: The training provides unique learning tools to help you start and be successful using this program while the community offers outstanding mentor-ship. Success will still depend on the input and work put in by each member.