Web Hosting Provider: Web Hosting Hub vs SiteGround

Web Hosting Hub and SiteGround are two of the most popular web hosting providers. The former started its business in 2001, and it has an A+ rating with BBB. As per the latter, it was founded back in 2004, and after serving a series of successful webmasters, it has an A rating with BBB.

If you’re looking to make new websites in the near future, there is a big chance that you have to decide between one of the two aforementioned web hosts. Both of them provide extremely affordable packages and they’re quite easy to use, even for the newbies. But which one, out of Web Hosting Hub vs SiteGround, could be better for your business?

In the below-mentioned guide, we’ve compared Web Hosting Hub vs SiteGround in terms of a number of different features. It includes ease of use, number of data centers, and customer satisfaction, along with website performance. So, if you are in doubt which is a better web hosting providers, this guide can be of great help.

Web Hosting Providers – Web Hosting Hub or SiteGround?

Ease of Use

It is no hidden secret that a wide-range of customers, who are going to build new websites with either of the aforementioned providers, aren’t much familiar with the fundamentals of programming. They are not software engineers, so they always look for a service provider which comes with a user-friendly control panel.

Luckily, this is where both, Web Hosting Hub and SiteGround Web Hosting Provider, gains equal marks. Both these companies employ cPanel which, in simple words, is one of the simplest control panels.

Anyone can manage it without any hindrance, and when the cPanel comes integrated with Softaculous, it makes it much easier to install WordPress and other popular applications from the Internet.

Website Speed

web hosting providersWeb Hosting Hub has two data centers and both of which are located in the USA. On the other hand, SiteGround depends on no less than four data centers around the globe. One of them is located in Chicago, and all of the other three are located outside the US.

So when it comes to the speed of your website, SiteGround is a little bit better in this regard. That is especially true if you live outside the US, and want to shorten the distance between your server and the users, this can be a critical factor in this purchase.

Customer Satisfaction

Unlike some of the other web service providers, which simply forget about their customers after selling their websites, both Web Hosting Hub and SiteGround gains top marks when it comes to customer satisfaction.

In case of an emergency, or even without one, you can contact their support teams and they will solve your query at any time of the day. Even if it isn’t a big problem, they will treat it pretty seriously and make sure that your problem is resolved at the earnest.

There are a number of different ways in which you can contact the customer support of both these providers. Starting with an option of live chat, you can contact them via phone or even with an email. This is what makes these two providers extremely famous amongst bloggers or people looking to make websites for small businesses.

In addition, you’ll get a number of online help resources, in shape of tutorials as well as written text form, available on their websites. So if you have a basic query, you can take help from the online resources without even contacting the technical support. But if your problem is a serious one, you can always contact a technician of the concerned service provider.

However, one point where Web Hosting Hub is a bit better than that of SiteGround is its money-back guarantee. As compared to the SiteGround’s 30 days money-back guarantee offer, you’ll get a full refund, in case of any wrongdoing, for no less than 90 days with Web Hosting Hub.


The starter package of Web Hosting Hub starts with $8.99 per month which is a bit less expensive as compared to the SiteGround’s offer of $9.95 per month. Even though both these packages are quite budget-friendly, as you’ll also get a decent discount on signing up for a yearly package, Web Hosting Hub is still a bit more affordable as compared to SiteGround.

Monthly Visits

Starting with Web Hosting Hub, there is no limit on monthly visits to the websites which you purchase from this service provider. SiteGround, on the other hand, puts a cap on the number of monthly visits, as this website can cater only 10,000 visits within 30 days.

Domain Name

On purchasing a new website form Web Hosting Hub, you’ll get a free domain name for the entire first year. This is great for beginners who’re always short on their budget and want to make the most of their bank balance. However, there is no such thing with Site Ground, as they aren’t offering a free domain for their new customers.


When it comes to budget-friendly web hosting providers, both the companies mentioned above perform excellently. You can purchase a new website from any one of them, and it won’t drill a hole in your pocket. But if you want to have a website with a higher amount of speed, especially if its target audience is located outside the US, it might be beneficial to go with Site Ground services.

But if you’re a blogger or a small business owner living in the US, the Web Hosting Hub is one of the best service providers at the moment. Apart from being less expensive as compared to that of SiteGround, you’ll also get a new domain name for the first year.