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Over the last decade, the internet has put a big mark on the consumers market and on the way businesses function. Be it small or large, any business benefits from online exposure, as it has become one of the most common ways to meet new clients and to keep your regular ones up to date.

However, creating a website may sound intimidating, out of reach and costly. Worry not; it’s easier than you think to create a free website!

No matter how competitive a field of activity is, every business needs to get discovered as much as possible, as fast as possible. In an age where around 47% of the world population has internet access, going online is no longer a possibility to keep in mind—it has become a must.

From retailers to dog walkers, every business can benefit from its own customized website, and one of the easiest ways to build one is by using which features will be discussed further in this article.

Benefits of Creating a Free Website for a Business

As already mentioned, exposure is crucial especially for small or new businesses. Newest research shows that the average adult spends more than 20 hours per week on the internet and that almost 50% of the population worldwide is using the internet.

Any of them could be a potential new client, and a personalized website could help them get a better view of what they can receive using a certain service.

However, online exposure is not the only thing that a website can offer. Service regulars can always check for news and updates.

They can easily click a button to ask a question or leave a review. A website can allow a business to get closer to its users without the old-fashioned phone calls or waiting in line.

Let’s take a look at how you can create a free website.

Getting Started on

create a free was founded in 2006, and three years later, it reached its first million users. Today, over 110 million people use it every day to create and run their own personalized websites.

With over 500 different themes and over 1000 features, the platform aims at offering each individual the perfect way to express themselves.

There are only two things needed to get started—a good idea of what the website should look like and a valid email address. The platform offers all the tools one might need to personalize their new website and to add the features they need. Some of the things offers to its users:

  • A free Wix domain
  • 500 MB storage and 1GB bandwidth
  • Over 500 design templates which are customizable by drag-and-drop
  • Free hosting and support
  • The possibility to use their platform in 16 different languages
  • An app market
  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) – a virtual assistant to guide the users

Every template comes with a pre-built layout designed in such a way to best represent each industry. However, everything can be changed with a simple drag and drop motion, and there are over 1000 features to choose from in order to meet all the needs out there.

They offer a newsletter tool to keep everyone up to date, live chat software for customer support, and even widgets for online booking.

For photographers, online galleries are very easy to set-up. The same goes for video tools, whether is for a business presentation clip or a regular blog post.

The website’s extremely customizable features even allow the users to upload their preferred fonts and to animate the text, so if you thought that it would be plain and boring to create your free website, you might want to reconsider.

Taking a Step Further

For those users who feel that the features presented so far are too basic for their needs, also offers a paid premium upgrade to meet their needs.

  • Personal domain
  • Up to 50GB storage space and unlimited bandwidth
  • Google analytics
  • Premium support

A personal domain drops the .wix extension in the domain name so that it obviously looks more professional. The increased storage space comes in handy especially for artists who are constantly uploading their work, be it in the form of images or videos.

Although the storage offered within the basic option may seem enough at first, good content needs its space. Likewise, unlimited bandwidth will make the pages load faster, which is crucial in an age where even cafés have high-speed internet connections.

However, probably the most important feature of the premium option is the ability to use Google Analytics. A website can be so much more than a business presentation and a way to interact with the customers.

Analytics stats help the website owner get more details about the visitors: numbers, countries, operating systems, activity peak hours, the most visited pages on the website and even the google keywords used to find it.

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because it allows the users to see the actual results of their work and to decide what to improve. SEO is one of the most important parts of online marketing as it is focused on organic growth search engine results: the better a site is ranking, the more visible it is!

One other thing to focus on when you create your free website is how well will it be optimized for mobile. In 2015, Google showed in an official statement that over 50% of global search queries were made on mobile.

A smartphone is easier to carry around than a laptop, so it’s no wonder people spend so much time browsing the internet on their phone. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance for a website to be easily accessed on a mobile device.

Luckily, all of the templates offered by are well optimized for mobiles, and they even allow the users to verify and change the mobile version individually. Speaking of the life on the go, their mobile app is a very useful tool for a busy website owner who wants to upload pictures or schedule blog posts quickly.


When you create a free website, it is easier than one might initially think. The solution can easily be found in the same place the need originated from the internet.

Nowadays, everyone can build a website that is perfectly fitted for their needs and use it to grow their business further and cement it. The tools are one click away.

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