10 Tips to Reach Your First Thousand YouTube Subscribers


One of the key performance indicators in determining the success of your YouTube channel is the number of your subscribers. More subscribers mean more people looking for the next content that you will be posting.

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Getting More YouTube Subscribers

how to increase youtube subscribers

  1. Name videos in a strategic manner

Naming the video that you will upload in your channel may seem easy but it is actually not that simple. In fact, even the biggest YouTube experts and bloggers have difficulty naming their videos.

In naming a video, you have to be strategic. It must be concise and easy to comprehend. The name used must be relevant to the content of the video. If you want the video to be easily searched, you may also want to incorporate keywords in. You can even utilize YouTube autocomplete in naming the clip.

  1. Be yourself

As important content is as a consideration for people planning to subscribe to a channel, personality is just as essential. When you have a YouTube channel, you and your videos will be your product. Viewers will not be impressed if they feel like you are being inauthentic to yourself. After all, authenticity is a big thing for people nowadays. Authenticity will be your big ticket to increase YouTube subscribers.

Yes, being on camera may be a tough thing to do when you are not used to it. But if you are being yourself, your personality will shine through later on for sure. If you have a great personality and you let that shine through the clips you upload, people will surely connect with the clips in your YouTube channel.

  1. Post relevant content regularly

Posting content on a regular basis is one of the toughest things content creators have to face. This is especially true for bloggers and video creators wanting to increase their subscribers as well as increasing traffic on their sites.

The preparation, production and editing of the videos alone can take at least a week. This limits the number of the videos you can make especially when you also have a day job.

There is also the need to post videos that are relevant and useful to your audiences. While it may seem like every type of video content has already been posted on YouTube, it really is a matter of re framing. The content creator’s creativity is going to be a lot of help on how to increase YouTube subscribers.

  1. Have a sense of humor

how to increase youtube subscribers

Humor sells. Audiences love online personalities and content creators who can laugh at themselves. This shows that there are personalities both in front and behind the camera.

People like it when bloopers are shown on clips. This is because it switches up the content and prevents it from being monotonous. It adds some flavor to the clip and makes the content more engaging for audiences.

  1. Use engaging channel design

Design is a big deal for first-time visitors of YouTube channels. Through great design, you will be able to make a great first impression.

Consider how your YouTube channel will be seen across different devices. Make sure that the design will be optimized so that it will be attractive even when viewed on a smartphone. The recommended size for the channel art is 2560×1440 px.

The design must be simple enough while informing first-time visitors what the channel is about. The header must be engaging enough for visitors and the brand logo must be shown off without it dominating the design. Every element in the design must fit the branding strategy of the channel.

  1. Post an interesting channel trailer

Along with channel art, the channel trailer is the best chance for a YouTube channel to make a good impression to viewers. Think of how useful a movie trailer is in convincing movie audiences to buy a ticket to watch the film in the theater. Channel trailers work the same way.

This trailer must be short enough that it can be digested easily. The recommended maximum length for channel trailers is at 90 seconds. It must provide a clear call to action for viewers to subscribe.

  1. Shoot in different locations

Provide some variety in the scenery that can be seen in your videos. This makes your clips unpredictable and interesting. This is why channels about food, tech and travel are extremely popular on YouTube because they can be varied and insightful at the same time.

If you do not have the funds to travel to other places, green screen and edited backgrounds are great alternatives that will lessen your production expenses.

  1. Add annotations

Annotations are those pop-ups that come out when you play videos on YouTube. When used properly, it can actually present an advantage for the content creator.

YouTube annotations can help your videos become more interesting and interactive. You can add annotations that help subscribing easier and more accessible. Annotations also help in call to actions especially when you want to redirect the viewer to another webpage.

YouTube recently revamped their annotations engine and propped up their End Screen and Cards features that work exactly the same way. This makes adding annotations easier for creators.

  1. Upload a customized thumbnail

Research has it that people are more likely to subscribe to a YouTube channel if a customized thumbnail is used for the video. One of the effective tips that you can utilize with the thumbnail is using the Impact font as seen on many memes. Make sure the caption that you will be using for the thumbnail is not the same as the title of the video.

  1. Ask viewers to subscribe

increase youtube subscribersThis is probably the most basic thing to do if you are asking how to increase YouTube subscribers. After every video, add a call for viewers to click the subscribe button. Act cool and do not look desperate for subscribers.

Also ask for viewers to subscribe in your video subscription and in your channel profile.

Getting a thousand subscribers to your YouTube channel is a major milestone for any content creator. Hopefully, these tips will be able to take you there and make you a success in the video streaming world.