Become A Millionaire With A Dollar A Day

Every dollar bill is a money seed. Like any seed, if it is planted and allowed to grow it becomes a money tree. This tree once grown up will bear fruit year after year. It will also provide with the seeds necessary to plant further trees. If you destroy the seed, it will never grow to be a tree. Now let us see how the one dollar seed grows into a million dollar tree.

If you invest one dollar at 5% rate of interest, it would grow into a million dollar tree in 284 years. If the same dollar is invested at 10% interest rate the time is cut short to 145 years. It will take only 75 years for a dollar to become a million if you invested at 20%. Not planning to live that long? Then plant a few more dollar bills. It is that simple. Let us see what happens if you start planting one dollar every day, i.e. $30 in a month.

A Dollar a Day will make you a Millionaire in your Lifetime

It is easy if you want to become a millionaire in your lifetime then save one dollar a day and invest it sensibly. Please study the following statements carefully:

A dollar a day invested at 5% will take 100 years to become a million.

A dollar a day invested at 10% will take 56 years to become a million.

A dollar a day invested at 20% will make you a millionaire in only 32 years.


Want to be a billionaire?

A dollar a day, when compounded at 20% interest, will give you a billionaire in 66 years.

You will say that earning 20% return is not possible. By leveraging you can receive not only 20%, but go as high as 60% to 70%, or even a 100% return on your investment.

This magic happens if you plant one dollar bills every day. I am reasonably sure that most of us can do better than $30 a month. We can dramatically cut short the period and become millionaires much faster if we can plant let us say $10 seeds every day.

become a millionaire

If you understand these simple mathematics, then that one dollar bill in your hands will never feel the same again. It holds the seed for your financial future and well being. If you lose it or spend it foolishly, then the dollar seed is destroyed forever.

If you save it and invest it wisely, it has the potential to make you and your family rich forever. Once it grows into a million dollar tree— it will bear that fruit for you and your family, year after year.

You will ask if making a million dollars is so simple then why is not everyone a millionaire. The simple answer to that is lack of discipline. Most people lack the discipline and perseverance required over an extended period of time.

Becoming a millionaire can be a very boring and repetitive exercise over a period of time. Most people want excitement and thrill, and in the process, they gamble away their financial future.

There will be skeptics who will say sustained 20% growth is not possible. Well, Warren Buffet, the investment guru, has done it consecutively for the past 40 years for his investors.

You don’t need to be a financial genius to achieve this. All you need are a few financial skills and discipline. Justly put, all you need to do is funnel some of your ill-spent dollars into financially sound investments.