What You Need to Know About the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

There’s no doubt that Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays a vital role in increasing and maintaining your website’s traffic. You shouldn’t ignore the importance of ranking high for organic search results.

After all, 70% to 80% of people ignore paid ads. Also, the fact that more than 90% of all traffic comes from a search engine should already make you re-evaluate the importance of keyword research to your website.

With all these in mind, it is not difficult to see why more people are using the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. Having the right keywords allow you to rank higher in Search Engine Return Pages (SERPs) and Jaaxy is here to do precisely just that.

What is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?

jaaxy keyword research toolWhile there are different research tools out there, Jaaxy is the only keyword research tool that is designed by affiliate marketers to help fellow affiliate marketers. Jaaxy is an innovative and advanced business tool and yet easy and convenient to use. With just a few button clicks and a few minutes, you can already find unique, untouched, and high-traffic keywords.

The Benefits of Using Jaaxy

Jaaxy rose to popularity because of the many benefits that you will obtain when using it. Listed below are some of the things that you will expect from Jaaxy:

  • Provides accurate competition, traffic, and domain insights
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Accesses Brainstorm, Alphabet Soup and Brainstorm to obtain valuable data
  • Capable of doing specialized niche searches
  • Analyzes websites of competitors and pages with related niche
  • Gives access to SiteRank, a platform that tracks any rankings in Bing, Google, and Yahoo
  • Helps in finding valuable domain names

A Deeper Look at Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Statistics show that there are over 500 million new and unique searches made in Google alone. It means that there are just so many business opportunities out there. However, it also shows how difficult it is to find the perfect keywords and leverage your marketing strategy.

While it is true that you can simply use free keyword tools or use any keyword that comes to your mind, it only leaves you hoping for the best. That is because it won’t give you the ability to evaluate your progress and improve performance.

Jaaxy is here to change all that. It will allow you to “dig” as deep as possible to find the right keywords. In fact, Jaaxy reveals over 8.7 million new keywords on a monthly basis. Hence, Jaaxy will not just save you hours of searching for keywords, but it allows you to use other precious resources on things that matter most to your business as well.

One of the best features of Jaaxy is its ability to give you a real picture of the keyword competition. With accurate and comprehensive data, you can master keyword search and rank at will. All these can happen in just a matter of minutes. You can even perform up to five searches simultaneously using its multithreaded search functions.

Jaaxy works hard to ensure that you have real-time and updated results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Since this keyword search tool has access to these major search engines, you have 99.7% search engine coverage.

There are cutting-edge, built-in tools in Jaaxy to help you collect, save, store, manage, and share keyword search activities. Whether you are working alone or with a marketing team, Jaaxy streamlines your keyword search and gives you the right tools to make the right business decisions.

Niche Research with Jaaxy

If you are still starting a new website, it is essential to identify profitable niches. The future of your site and business greatly depends on the niche that you choose. However, if you already have a niche, you can use Jaaxy to find related topics and enter other markets without losing your identity.

There are hundreds and thousands of niches out there that are just waiting for you to discover. These evergreen niches could still have little competitions within them and yet, with high traffic.

Jaaxy uses the Alphabet Soup Platform to sort out your niche searches systematically and quickly. For example, you can just pick one search phrase, and Jaaxy automatically builds an alphabetized list of variant results. With Jaaxy, you can save a significant amount of time digging through your list.

Another impressive way to use Jaaxy in finding the right niche is Brainstorm. It’s a software that allows you to have a broader insight into each keyword that you find. It shows you the trend and popularity of every keyword while ensuring you stay in touch with different niches at the same time.

If you intend to use different affiliate programs, Jaaxy is here to help as well. Jaaxy can analyze ClickBank, Conversant Affiliate, and LinkShare to reveal the most profitable niches.

Analyzing Your Competition

Ever wonder why some websites are successful and why others are not? If yes, Jaaxy is here for you. One of the best shortcuts to success is to learn from your competitors. Jaaxy allows you to “spy” on your competitors and identify their weaknesses and strengths. You can then capitalize on those findings and ensure you get the edge over the competition.

Improve your Ranking

Knowing the right keywords to use is not enough. All your effort would be useless if you don’t see results. Thankfully, Jaaxy comes with the much-coveted SiteRank that allows you to see your real-time rankings in search. The best thing about SiteRank is that you can set it once and let it track your progress automatically.

Finding Domain with Jaaxy

Aside from keyword and niche searches, Jaaxy can also help you in finding the high-ranking domains that are still available. Whether you need a .com, .org, or .net, Jaaxy can use your keyword to find the perfect one for you.

Is Jaaxy Right for You?

jaaxy keyword research tool

After reading this review, you now have a better understanding of what Jaaxy can do for you. If you are still undecided, you can sign up to Jaaxy and get 30 searches for free. That gives you an idea how Jaaxy can benefit you. When you are ready, you can go for their pro or premium plan.

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